roasted beet and herbed goat cheese panini with arugula

August 28, 2013


Beets and goat cheese are always a winning combo. Matthew and I will frequently combine them for a side dish or salad for dinner so I thought, why not turn it into a sandwich for lunchtime? This is one of those sandwiches that could be enjoyed any time of day. I especially love the fresh herbs. You can buy an herb goat cheese to save time but it really takes no time at all and you have more versatility. It also tastes especially delicious!
Roasted Beet and Herbed Goat Cheese Panini with Arugula 
makes 2 sandwiches

4 slices of multigrain/seeded bread
2 medium beets
4 ounces goat cheese
2 tablespoons minced fresh herbs {I used parsley, chives and rosemary}
a handful of arugula or mixed field greens
balsamic vinegar and olive oil
salt and pepper
Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Remove beet leaves. Scrub beets and wrap loosely with foil. You can drizzle a little bit of olive oil inside packet before sealing. Roast for 30-60 minutes depending on size. Mine took closer to 30 minutes since they were smaller. Check every 20 minutes with a knife. Let the beets cool enough to handle then remove the skins. Slice into 1/4 inch rounds.
Mix goat cheese with minced herbs. Sprinkle with a bit of sea salt.
Mix arugula with a little bit of balsamic and olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Preheat grill pan. Meanwhile, spread herbed goat cheese on one piece of bread and top with beets, arugula, and other slice of bread. Put sandwich on griddle and add a heavy pot on top for pressure. Allow to cook for 1-2 minutes before turning to other side. You want to make sure you get grill marks without it getting burnt.  If you have a panini press you know what to do! Enjoy!
Are you a fan of beets and goat cheese?
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