weekend highlights

August 19, 2013


This weekend was productive for being as short as it was. I had a shoot on Saturday with Refinery 29 and Sunday I had to leave for Las Vegas in the early afternoon, so I tried to maximize time with Matthew and friends as muh as possible. I haven’t done one of these weekend highlights in forever so I thought I’d try to bring it back more often! Next time I’ll try to include more pictures! 
Stopped for an iced coffee after a loong shoot day!
Dinner at SugarFish in Studio City! So so good!
After sushi I always crave Pinkberry. How pretty is this location?
Ordered off Pinkberry’s secret menu! Just say “old school” for a waffle cookie sandwich with peanut butter froyo and jelly preserves and a carton of milk. Obsessed!
Got dressed up for a brunch date with Matthew, because why not?
Since I had a 1pm flight I wanted to do something special with Matthew in the morning. We both have been out of town off an on this past month and we haven’t even had a weekend at home. It was nice to do something a little extravagent just because! Pastries + Mimosas with Sofia=perfection!
I hope you all had a great weekend too! I’m in Vegas this week for work but I’ll be posting regularly!
Happy Monday everyone!  
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