lady in plaid

October 14, 2013


Plaid pants have been on my wishlist, so when LOFT reached out for me to test their new pant fit I knew which style I was going for. As for the fit, I had no idea. Pant shopping can often be a struggle with gaping at the waist, being too tight through the thighs, etc. LOFT did their research apparently because they spoke to over 10,000 women, listening to their concerns and wishes, and created a special design to flatter and accentuate. I found out that I’m a Marissa, which fits a little straighter through the thighs. I chose the ankle style because I think it’s really wearable. I’m not only excited to have a pair of plaid pants, but also a pair that fits so well! If you’re by a LOFT store I’d definitely recommend checking out your fit. They also have a great little online test you can take in 5 seconds! Easiest pants shopping ever!
top Darling, pants c/o LOFT, shoes J.Crew {25% off today with code SHOPNOW}, sunglasses Karen Walker Super Duper Strength, necklace Forever 21, bracelet J.Crew, purse Brahmin

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Remember how I said on Friday that I was going to go on a haunted hay ride? Yeah.. that didn’t really happen. But I did do something else equally {if not more} frightening! In the spirit of October, and pre-Halloween, I watched a very scary movie, The Conjuring. I do not watch scary movies. ever. So it was kind of a big deal, and of course I had nightmares two nights in a row, but it was kind of interesting, as well as scream out loud scary. For a girl who loves intense shows like Dexter, The Killing and Homeland, you’d think a little scary movie would be no big deal. The thing is, though, I really just love dramas and thrillers, tv shows and movies with an interesting psychological storyline. Maybe that’s why The Conjuring got under my skin so much, it felt very real..and apparently it was based off true events that I’m now dying to research. Have any of you seen this movie? What did you think? Are you a scary movie person? I think the scariest I’ll go from now on is Hocus Pocus!