september highlights

October 1, 2013


September, you were fun! I feel like most of the highlights were from New York, and I guess I was there for almost half the month! Fashion Week in September was a lot more enjoyable than February, partly because of the weather. Even though I’m sad to see another month pass I am so excited for the fall season ahead. It’s full of so many wonderful things to look forward too (apple picking, pumpkin carving, homemade chili, the holidays, fall TV!!). Here were some of my highlights from the ninth month of 2013:
  • Walked around the city of New York in my new favorite booties. There’s something magical about that city!
  • Sitting front row at Herve Leger! So exciting!!
  • Walking all over the city with Matthew and going on a cookie tour (Levain’s chocolate chip walnut are the best! And then Jacques Torres’s chocolate chip peanut butter cookie!)
  • Hanging out with some of my blogging besties! Christine, Emily and Rach!
  • Spending some quality time with Ginger! {I also got a bike!}
  • Hosting an event at the Nordstrom Santa Monica and meeting some sweet readers!
  • Starting the new season with a clean apartment, summer clothes put away, and a rearranged office.
  • Matthew made a special guest appearance on the blog! 
  • Picked up some cute Coach loafers from T.J. Maxx. I love a good find!
One thing that was a low point this month actually happened last week. Last Wednesday I pulled my back out and couldn’t even move. It hurt to stand or sit and I was so miserable. I’ve had back problems before but this was the worst it’s ever been. I couldn’t even put jeans on, or lace up my boots. We ended up having to cancel our camping trip which was a big disappointment and although my back is slowly getting better, it’s not 100% yet. My goal for this next month is to get healthy by taking more walks, stretching, and incorporating more fitness into my life. Things have been so busy recently but I’ve let that be an excuse for being inactive. Not  good. There’s no excuse when it  comes to your health. This was definitely a bit of a wake up call for me to do more. 
What were your highlights from September 2013?

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