November 28, 2013


Thankful, it’s something I feel throughout the year but often don’t have time to reflect on. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, not just because of a big delicious meal, or the anticipation of those Black Friday sales, but because of time spent with the people I love most. And more so, an opportunity to really think about all the things I’m grateful for, big and small. I always try to write a thankful list each year so here it is:

– I’m thankful for my husband. To be with a man I love more than anything, who loves me, accepts me, laughs with me, spends time with me. I feel very lucky to have found Matthew. My life is a great deal more enjoyable because of him!
– I’m thankful for my little puppy baby Ginger. She’s such a sweet little creature and I love her so much. She always knows when I’m feeling sad or down {dogs are so smart}, and when she comes and nestles her head into my hand, gives me kisses on my toes, and jumps into my lap, my heart just bursts! 
– I’m thankful for new opportunities, big and small. Starting a new job, in an area I’m really passionate about, has been such a rewarding part of 2013.
– I’m thankful for friends and family who have supported, encouraged, loved and inspired me. They keep me on my toes, always pushing forward!
– I’m thankful for my parents and my brother. I’m lucky to have such a close family, and the fact that we live less than 45 minutes away is a huge blessing. I always look forward to our Sunday night dinners. It’s our special time to catch up, try new recipes, and maybe catch up on some of our favorite shows. I’m also especially thankful for my Dad today because it’s his birthday! He’s the most incredible father and I’ve learned so much from him. I can’t wait to celebrate with him this weekend!
– I’m thankful for God. To have faith and believe is a huge gift, one I couldn’t live without.
– I’m thankful for the good days, but even the bad. The bad days test and challenge me, and make me more appreciative of all the good ones.
– I’m thankful for the sweet strangers in my life. The people that go the extra mile with thoughtfulness and kindness. I strive to be more like you.
– I’m thankful for you, my sweet wonderful reader. You support me by coming here {daily, weekly, monthly, or  even just every once in a while}. I love sharing my life with you through style photos, recipes, and trips. You’ve been a major inspiration for me and I’ve loved connecting with you through this blog, comments, emails and social media! I’m lucky to have this creative space and even luckier to have you! Blogging has been a great experience and I can’t imagine the last 4 years without it!
Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I think it’s great to take the time and reflect on what you’re grateful for. I need to remind myself to do this more, throughout the year. If you feel up to it, share below! Thinking about all of you on this special holiday!

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