goodbye 2013

December 31, 2013


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of 2013 is..getting my first gray hair! Yep, it happened you guys! The truth is out..I am ageing! Let’s just hope 2014 isn’t the year I go all gray. If I look to my Mom I don’t think that will happen but you can never be completely sure!

Jokes and vanity aside, 2013 was an extremely wonderful year, full of so many fun experiences and rewarding opportunities. I’ll admit it was a bit busy as well. I traveled a ton {New York City three times, Las Vegas twice, Dallas once, Seattle once, Austin once, Sanibel Island once} and there were a bunch of California trips in between {San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Cambria, Walnut Grove, and San Diego}. Matthew was able to join me on some some of the trips {namely all the California ones}, but he also traveled a lot for work, too, which was hard to get used to. We were both very busy professionally, but I feel like our relationship strengthened and it made us able to enjoy the time we did spend together. We were still able to carve our pumpkins, throw our annual holiday party, and spend the summer at the beach! 
Here are some highlights from 2013:
I cut six inches off my hair in March. It might not look like much but it was a huuge adjustment! While I didn’t regret it, and still don’t, I’m looking forward to growing my hair out long again.

I was chosen to launch Refinery 29’s My Stylist, along with 3 other bloggers. It was an 8 month collaboration, that sadly just ended, but it was an incredible opportunity and one that I’ll be grateful for always! You can see more of my posts here.

Matthew and I went to Sanibel Island in Florida to celebrate our friends’ wedding! It was so exciting to go to our first wedding together as a married couple! It was also the first I’ve been to as an adult which is crazy! We loved exploring the small island, collecting shells, and hiding from the alligators!

We celebrated 2 years married with a sweet anniversary shoot by Laura Nelson Photography!
I started a new feature Hers & His with Matthew! We’re definitely due for our next one!

Other notable things about 2013: I started a new job, designed a nail wrap, hosted events for Nordstrom and Kate Spade, was featued in People Style Watch twice {eep!}, Vanity Fair and Harpers Bazaar, went surfing on my birthday board, and Ginger got her first haircut {now a stylish investment for that lady pup!}. I got to meet and hang out with so many of my favorite blogging friends and make new friends as well!  
One of my outfit goals was to wear more pants, which sounds silly, but don’t forget I’m a dress girl. While I loved incorporating more jeans and pants into my outfits, I can’t deny that dresses feel more me. I loved all the opportunities to play dress up this year and these are some of my favorite outfits below:

2013, you were good to us. Thank you for all the days, the good ones and even the bad. The bad helped me appreciate the good ones even more. I was given some amazing opportunities which I feel so grateful for. I hope to take what I’ve learned in 2013 and apply it to the year ahead. I have some 2014 goals I’m working on, but I’ll be sharing them next week. 3 posts in one day might be too much, right?
Happy New Years Eve everyone! I hope you celebrate the end of this year and the beginning of the next with loved ones and much happiness and joy! Wishing you all the very very best! I’m forever grateful for all your support and kindness you’ve shown me. It’s been a blessing to live this past year and I can’t wait for all that 2014 holds! Happy New Years!!
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