New Years Outfit Inspirations

December 17, 2013


Mara’s outfit: dress. fur. necklace. heels
Matthew outfit: shirt. pants. tie. jacket
While Christmas is first, Matthew and I are already thinking about New Years. We want to do something special this year, even if it’s just a romantic dinner for two. I have a curse of getting sick on New Years which has often spoiled our plants, but this year will be different! I saw this gorgeous pink and black striped satin party dress and thought it would be perfect for New Years. It’s festive, but not too specific for New Years. I know I could definitely wear it again and again. What’s a holiday outfit without some {faux} fux and sparkly accessories? These rose gold heels are so beautiful by Kate Spade, but this pair is an affordable second option!
Matthew is all about Peter Millar’s chocolate wool sportscoat. He put this outfit together based off of how much he wants it. Sigh guys and their jackets! I also love it with these charcoal corduroy pants and a striped tie! I always love when Matthew wears a tie, or a bow tie!
Have you been thinking about what to wear for New Years? 
Here are some other favorite party dress options for me, and button ups for Matthew!
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