crushing on flats..under $100

January 16, 2014


Other Favorite Flats Under $100:

Lately, I’ve had new shoes on the brain. Flats in particular. I go through periods of wearing heels every day, and then getting so sick of them {and blistered!}, that flats end up being my saving grace. Just because I want to wear flats though doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice style. My go-to of late has been a pair of basic black suede flats but I wanted to find some that have a little something special about them, yet won’t break the bank. I put together this list of some favorites and I’ve definitely noticed some patterns. For one, I love pointy-toed flats, second I love ankle straps. And if both those two are together and there’s some buckle detail…well then it’s just the perfect trifecta! My absolute favorite above is this pink pair with the triple ankle straps. It’s just too perfect! And being under $100 means they’re way more likely to be on my feet stat
Do you have any favorite flats? What’s on your current wishlist?