home is where the heart is

February 18, 2014


It’s seems totally unreal to be typing this, but Matthew and I bought a house. It’s seemed like one
of those far off dreams that we’d always talk about. We’ve had many of the “One day when we have a house, we’ll do…” talks. We’d often drive through neighborhoods and wonder, “Where’s our house?” After almost a year of looking, we got extremely lucky and we found a place that just feels right. It’s not perfect but we can’t wait to make it our own. If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have known something was up; I’ve pinned more to my Home board than any of my other boards. Interiors can be so beautiful and inspiring, although now I’ll admit they’re slightly stressful. With outfits it’s easy to figure out a top to go with a bottom, and adding a pair of shoes or a bag seems simple enough, but with a room there is so much more to think of. There’s the light fixtures, the paint colors, the furniture, the curtains, the rugs. It seriously goes on and on.
While we’ve unfortunately had to deal with some major issues {termites, roof fixtures}, there is also the excitement of the fun projects ahead- big and small. We’ve been given a lot of advice since we’re first time home buyers, and one of the best for me was to wait until we’re in the space before changing everything. I’ve heard from multiple people that you need some time to really see the space and imagine the different possibilities. It’s taken a lot of pressure off of me. Although, I have to tell you, before painting we got demolition excited and took down some of the ugly light fixtures {and by some I mean all but 2!}. We miiight be brushing our teeth by candlelight for a few weeks but I guess that will have to do. Matthew has a very practical nature so he’s always dissuaded me from investing in our apartments. He said wait until it’s our home. Well, Matthew, just you wait! I’m about to take pride in ownership to a whole new level! I can’t wait to share more photos with you and also document some of the projects on the blog.
Remember Wedding Wednesdays? Maybe I’ll have to bring in another weekly feature. This is definitely an exciting new chapter in our lives and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s been all I can think about!
I’d love to hear from you if you have any resource recommendations {favorite places for unique finds, lighting fixtures perhaps, or even an awesome LA interior designer– I might need some help reeling in all my ideas}. Even if you just have some general home buyer advise, we’ll all ears!!