Inside the Vanity Fair Social Club

February 27, 2014


This week I’ve been hanging out at Vanity Fair’s Social Club. It’s being held at WeWork, a collaborative community office space in Hollywood. I know they have locations in New York and some other big cities as well. It’s such a cool idea, especially for someone who might work from home and crave that office type of community. Anyway, Vanity Fair is hosting their daily lounge there so that people can work, refuel with vegetable juice and Chobani yogurt creations, and meet and mingle with other LA creatives throughout Oscar week. I’ve been stopping in almost every day and wanted to share some photos so you can see what it’s like. I unfortunately forgot to take a photo of the couch set up and the rows of desks but I’ll try to do that on Twitter or Instagram tomorrow!
Vanity Fair set up this wall that has a ton of their photos on it, along with quotes from different people in the industry. Annie Liebovitz has done a lot of photography for Vanity Fair so it was really cool to take another look at some of her iconic images, and see some I’ve never seen before. To think of all the people she’s shot!
Hello indoor food truck!! This was one of my first stops upon arriving! 
Loved trying all the Chobani Simply 100™ Greek Yogurt! I’m such a yogurt person, mainly because it’s an easy way for me to get a lot of protein. Since I don’t eat meat I’m always looking for a high protein snack that can get me through the afternoon. I tested and approved it!
Ok, isn’t this the cutest coffee cup ever?! It’s designed by Ellery, an Australian fashion label. I really really want to buy them. Ha! Listen to me, wanting to dress myself and my coffee! But, it’s a floral print!
Playing with hair and makeup in the L’Oréal beauty room!
Above is the most delicious edamame hummus! I was so surprised to hear it was made with Chobani yogurt! I’m dying to make it myself because it was the best combo with the salty pita chips.
Before heading out you have to stop at the microfridge. Fresh fruit and drinks to stay hydrated are a must. 


Have any of you ever heard of these community office spaces? Do you think you’d do it if you worked for yourself, or worked from home? I really love the idea of it so I’m happy I was able to check it out via the Social Club. 
Tonight is the American Hustle party and I can’t wait! I’m really hoping Batman is there. Oh, I mean Christian Bale. Maybe I’ll live tweet through it with celebrity sightings! Or would that be creepy? Just so you have an idea of who I’ve already spotted.. there was Chris Evans, Jena Malone, Tom Felton, Kiernan Shipka {can’t believe she’s only 14!}, Bella Thorne, Nick and Joe Jonas, Kellan Lutz, Dave and Odette Annable. And this was just Tuesday night! And I’m obviously not keeping track. Last night there was Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, Terry Richardson, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Richards {Kramer from Seinfeld} and Melanie Griffith. And those were the only ones my 2 eyes could spot. Pretty exciting for this TV addict over here!!
Have a great day everyone! I’ll see ya tomorrow!
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