pass the pastels

February 21, 2014


other favorite pastel items:
There have been countless pastel items on my wishlist lately. It must be close to spring! These little flats have already made their way home with me so I’ll be featuring them next week hopefully! This New York shirt is so cool in the minty blue, I just wish there was an LA one too! One thing that I’ve grown to love about pastels is that even though spring summer is their time to shine, they really make such a statement during the wintertime. They can be the prettiest contrast to a snowy or rainy day, don’t you agree?
This weekend is going to be busy busy busy! Matthew and I are packing up our apartment and getting ready for our move. It’s going to be kind of crazy and I just hope we make it out alive. One of us, and I won’t say who {cough not me}, can become quite the stressful grump during moving time. We’ve been through this twice before though, so hopefully this third time will be better. It will be our last move for a long while, thank goodness! Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll see you Monday!!
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