wood floor inspiration

February 25, 2014


When Matthew and I first saw our house there were a few things we knew immediately that we wanted to change. One thing was the wall colors {we had a full range of browns and beiges, and even a cobalt blue accent wall}, and the second thing we wanted to change was the floors. The house had mostly wood floors, in a pretty traditional red oak stain, and then one carpeted room. While the floor stain was pretty, we wanted something a little different. Also, since we had to remove the carpet we thought it would be smart to restain all the floors at the same time. We looked at a range of stains from pickled white to ebony, and ended up deciding on a dark brown. It turned out somewhere between jacobean and ebony, actually. It’s a really stunning contrast to the white walls. Matthew and I are joking that we can’t wait to see what Ginger’s fur looks like on it. We had dark floors at our apartment, though, so we are used to it! Here are some other photos I looked to for wood floor inspiration:

What style and color of floors do you like or have? It’s interesting how everything has their own preference. Matthew and I were luckily both in agreement for ours, but I know some couples who want the complete opposite! In a perfect world I might like different floors in different rooms. I could have a really beautiful modern room with all white furnature on white floors, and then a homey and rustic room with dark floors. Ooh maybe a room with brown leather chairs, cowhide rugs and red floors. That could be fun!
photos from Pinterest 
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