breakfast yogurt three ways

March 5, 2014


I’d definitely consider myself a yogurt girl. I eat it in the mornings, sometimes as an afternoon snack, and even as a dessert replacement. You’ll probably always find a couple containers of greek yogurt in my fridge and it’s always going to be plain. Boring? Maybe for some! For me, I love plain greek yogurt because I have so much fun adding different topping combinations. Instead of buying ones with the sugar already added, I like to do it myself. After working with Chobani for the pre-Oscar festivities, I was inspired to make some combinations with their yogurt. It’s one of my favorites and I swear I’m not just saying that. I love the thick and creamy texture of their greek yogurt, and how it’s incredibly good for you! These combos will give you a good amount of protein, energy and figer to kick start your morning in a healthy way!

Blueberry + Power
1/2 cup plain Chobani
1 Tbsp blueberries
1/2 tsp chia seeds
1/2 tsp pumpkin seeds
1/2 tsp toasted sunflower seeds
1 Tbsp light agave nectar
1 Tbsp walnuts

Fresh Fruit + Granola
1/2 cup plain Chobani
1 Tbsp fresh fruit
2 Tbsp granola
1 Tbsp clover honey

Peanut Butter + Jelly
1/2 cup plain Chobani
1 1/2 Tbsp peanut butter
1 1/2 Tbsp Concord grape jelly
1 1/2 Tbsp red grapes
2 tsp peanuts {unsalted}

The last combo is really fun. Lately I’ve been into my pb&js {salty sweet amazingness} so this is a way to satisfy the craving early in the day! I’m curious what you think if you try it!!
This week has been a little thrown off so I’m sorry I’m not sticking to usually scheduled programming. I blame the move. It’s my excuse for everything right now. Have to buy my lunch at work? Yeah I haven’t been to the grocery store in 2 weeks. I’m wearing the same pair of black flats every day? I packed all my shoes already! Ready beyond ready to get back into my normal routine.
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