delicate jewelry

March 13, 2014


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For a girl who used to be majorly into statement necklaces {ok, I still am!}, I’ve noticed a slight preference towards jewelry minimalism. Maybe it’s because of the move, and how Matthew is kindly reminding me daily to donate clothes/shoes/everything I own, but I’m starting to embrace a less is more approach when it comes to my jewelry especially. For the past few months I’ve been wearing two dainty necklaces almost daily. I actually sleep in them and have to get them untangled each morning. It’s worth it though! They’ve become almost like a safety blanket and I find myself reaching for them multiple times during the day. One is my M necklace and the other is my kiss necklace {they’re super tiny but you can kind of see them here and here}. 
These pieces above are some of my recent favorites. I especially love the long, delicate lariat necklace and the thin diamond stick earrings. The dainty rings are so beautiful, too, especially when paired together. I love this hammered trio and the midi mini hex ring! So cute! Jewelry is one of those sweet luxuries that I often don’t buy for myself, but why not? When it’s something you find beautiful and you love I think it’s so worth it. Also, everything on this list is under $80, with the exception of the twig cuff (#18) which is $105! Had to include that one though because it’s so unique! I tend to have a preference towards gold jewelry but most of the above is offered in silver, too! Which metal do you usually prefer?
other favorite delicate pieces
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