lunch in los altos

March 11, 2014


Matthew and I were in the Bay Area the other weekend for his cousin’s wedding. We have only been to one wedding since we’ve been married so it’s so fun to be able to celebrate when we’re able to. Since the wedding was up in Sunnyvale we decided to make a South Bay weekend out of it. We flew up on Saturday morning {thank you one hour flight from LA!}, rented a shiny black VW bug {a car I’ve always wanted}, and explored some old favorite places and tried some new ones. Matthew and I spent a lot of our early dating years in South Bay {specifically Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Menlo Park}, so it’s always such a special time for us to go up and visit. We even drove around frantically looking for Treat’s Tin Roof Sundae ice cream. Yes, it was raining and kinda chilly, but this specific ice cream is soo good and hard to find. They make small batches and apparently it sells out the day it arrives in stores. Sad to say we didn’t find it but we might be looking into having it shipped. We are just that desperate! The wedding was on Saturday night so we had Sunday to play too! One of our favorite stops was a new lunch spot at Bumble in Los Altos. It was a super cute place and a recommendation by a blog reader {thank you Julia!!}. I loved the cheery yellow accents {like on their front door). Also, the bathroom had amazing honeycomb tile! Totally regretting not taking my phone in with me haha!
What’s a special city that you love to travel to? Are you planning any trips for this year? Matthew and I would love to get away somewhere exciting. We’re missing Italy right now {it’s almost been 3 years!}. With the house though I don’t know if an international trip is possible. Probably not. That’s why short weekend trips like this one are great to take advantage of!
Happy Tuesday everyone!!
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