happy birthday anthony!

April 2, 2014


If you have a sibling you know how strange it is when one of them has a birthday. Wait, you’re how old?! My younger {and only!} brother Anthony celebrated a big birthday today! He turned 2-5. I feel like I’m still 25 half the time, so it’s a little mind boggling to think that it’s now his turn. Anthony is one of my favorite people ever and we have so much fun together. In honor of his bday I thought I’d share some funny and slightly embarassing photos of us from over the years {mainly high school and onwards}. We pretty much invented the brother/sister selfie so watch out!
Princess Jasmine and a Pirate with an apple. We were the cutest!
Profile walk selfies. {Check out my crazy awesome earrings!}
That summer that we both got mega tan!! I haven’t been able to achieve this level of darkness since.
Taking walks in our neighborhood circa 2003! When you can’t drive, you walk!
Anthony’s Homecoming!
Spending the summers in our favorite place.. Lake Tahoe!
We love going to concerts together! This was my senior year in high school and our ears rang for days!
Having fun exploring Hollywood as fake tourists! There were accents and fake names involved!  
Eating Chinese food on Christmas Day in London. 
Anthony’s high school graduation!! {and no braces!}
We went bowling!
Another concert I believe, judging by the wristband!
Visiting Anthony when he was at school in Santa Cruz. We saw deer and ate the best Brazilian food!
Woo wedding day!! Isn’t he the most handsome guy?!
 Celebrating my birthday last year!
 Last fall at my Nordstrom event!
Anthony, I love you so much. You are the best brother and I love being your sister! Happy happy birthday! To more brother/sister selfies ahead!

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