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June 19, 2014


For the past few years Matthew and I have made these seasonal lists, things we want to do during a specific season, whether it’s trying a new restaurant, doing something we haven’t done before, or going on a trip. To be honest, it’s always been a little depressing at the end of the season to see our list barely even tackled. We have good intentions but life can sometimes get the best of us. In an effort to hopefully accomplish a little more this summer I thought I’d share my list here with all of you. It will be fun to come back here, cross some things off, and create some fun memories along the way. We’re already off to a good start too because we’ve done a few things already! woo hoo!
  • Bake a pie {strawberry rhubarb pie 6.1.14}
  • Beach camping {6.3.14 in San Diego}
  • Bike rides in the neighborhood
  • Make strawberry mojitos like we did all summer after we got married
  • Cook s’mores in the backyard {6.17.14}
  • Have a bonfire at the beach {had a bonfire in the parking lot during beach camping 6.3.14}
  • Make popsicles or ice cream {or both!} {made strawberry & coconut milk popsicles!}
  • Read at least 3 books! {in progress: finished The Circle 06/2014 and Delicious 07/2014, and working on The Silkworm}
  • Learn how to make jam with mom
  • Go on a picnic {completed 6/27/2014 in Manhattan Beach with Matthew. Ate sandwiches, cheese and crackers and rosé on a hill overlooking the water}
  • Watch a movie at an outdoor theatre {Sound of Music September 20th}
  • Santa Barbara weekend getaway {or even just a day trip!}
  • Spend a Saturday {or Sunday} in Orange County checking out some of the cool new spots {Anaheim Packing House 9.13.14}
  • Go to the beach at least 3 times, and go to a dog beach too!
  • Get a real tan, from the sun not the bottle {this was questionable! I don’t tan like I used to!}
  • Happy Hour in Malibu {or any beach town really} with oysters and white wine. I’ve always loved this idea! {completed 7/19/14 in Santa Monica at Blue Plate Oysterette}
  • Go surfing when Matthew’s shoulder is feeling better {Matthew went surfing 9.21.14}
  • Start growing our vegetable garden {Matthew and I have a small herb garden: basil, thyme, mint and rosemary!}
  • Brew a summer beer {Matthew brewed all the beer for our wedding and needs to get back to it!}
  • Have an end of summer dinner party!

Do you ever make seasonal lists? Would love to hear if you have anything planned for this summer since it’s officially about to start! {Can you believe it!?}
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