the friday five

June 28, 2014


This post is a result of my late night window scrolling {like window shopping…get it?? hehe}. 
I love this blue lace dress. It reminds me of my cream colored one from last summer which was a huge favorite. It would be so pretty with some flat sandals, or comfy wedges. Speaking of shoes,  I feel like I’ve talked about these gladiator sandals in the past, but yet here they are again. I was thinking about getting the black and white python print, but now I’m torn between that and a classic brown. Trying to figure out which one I’d wear more. The good thing is that python can be a neutral too!
This hot pink suit is so eye catching, especially with the lovely scallop details. And the top reminds me of a bow. Girly beach girl perfection, don’t you think? I’m definitely more of a lipstick girl but during the summer months I like a little gloss. This shade is inspired by Nars’s most popular blush {you know, the one with the scandalous name}. It gives a perfect peachy glow.
Lately I feel like I’ve been a crazy nester getting our house together. I need to share an update on that soon but the biggest news is that our couch is finally ready. Word to the wise, if you want a couch, make sure you prepare for an 8-10 week waiting period. I can’t wait to get back to my TV binging days and this pom throw would be perfect to cuddle with!
Happy Friday everyone!!

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