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June 26, 2014


Alright you guys..it has been years {and I meant yeeeears} since I did a What’s In My Bag post. I decided to do this one over the weekend since I desperately needed to go through for a routine edit. Do you ever get to the point where you just shove everything and anything into your purse, promising to deal with it at some point, until you reach in and find a week-old orange? No? It’s happened! So of course there was some editing before the photographing. No crumpled receipts, no empty gum wrappers, and no fruit, new or old. I think that was a smart idea. And here’s what was left..
What’s In My Bag:
clutch Lilly Pulitzer {on sale here!} I usually always carry a big tote bag around during the week with my laptop in it, but I have to keep a clutch just in case I have a last minute dinner or event. This one is great because it slides right in next to the computer. This is similar to my trick of always packing an empty duffel in your suitcase. Even if I don’t do shopping, I can never fit everything into one bag on the return flight.

phone case Sonix Special edition for Nordstrom coming soon! I also have this pretty tropical one!

wallet pouch Kate Spade Saturday
necklace Bauble Bar I always find a necklace or bracelet stashed away in my bag. Since I use arm wrists when typing I’m always taking my jewelry on and off. 

lipstick Tory Burch Just Like Heaven {also here} A great sheer color for everyday wear! 

lotion L’Occitane The best hand lotion! My mom and I both have it and love it! 

portable phone charger Lilly Pulitzer {also here} This charger is an essential, especially if you easily drain your phone down like I do!

sunglasses Westward Leaning Love that for every pair sold, they donate $10 to Teach for America in San Francisco!

travel sized mineral foundation Jane Iredale {part of the starter kit} I’ve been using this foundation powder for the past few weeks and it’s incredible. So perfect at achieving a natural but radiant look.

roll on perfume Tory Burch I have the big version at home, but this is great when I’m on the go and need a little touch up!

lip balm Marc Jacobs Moisture Balm with SPF My absolute favorite during the summer months. Your lips need proper sun protection too! {Also love that it’s called Makeout hehe}
emery board This totally comes in handy! I have one in my car at all times too!

chocolate Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups aka a taste of heaven!

breath mints Altoids Smalls because you gotta!
What things do you always have in your bag {besides the phone, keys, wallet trio}? Any funny stories of items you’ve found hiding in your purse? Someone needs to top my not so orange anymore orange story..please?!

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