Inside-Out Coffee

July 1, 2014


inside out coffee, M Loves M
I posted this photo of my inside-out coffee on Instagram the other week and got such a good response that I thought I’d do a post on it. It seems almost silly for this to be a recipe post because it’s SO easy but let’s say it’s a recipe inspiration post. Personally I don’t drink too much coffee now although I do go weak at the knees for a perfect vanilla latte..yum! During the summer regular coffee can be a little too hot, and a proper iced coffee can be hard to make in a pinch. Enter the Inside-Out Coffee. Your answer to caffeine + a good daily dose of calcium! WARNING: must like milk!
coffee ice cubes, M Loves M
 Make coffee ice cubes! It’s a great way to use leftover coffee and they keep in the freezer for weeks!
coffee ice cubes with milk, M Loves M
pouring milk over coffee ice cubes, M Loves M
 Just add milk!
inside out coffee, M Loves M {click through for easy recipe}

Inside-Out Coffee
coffee ice cubes
milk {regular, almond, coconut or soy}
sweetener like Agave {optional}
spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or even a sprinkle of chocolate powder {optional}
Pour milk over coffee ice cubes. Add sweetener if desired. Stir and enjoy!
See? That seemed kinda silly to write down.. it’s so easy! This drink is creamy and has a slight coffee flavor without being too caffeinated.  If you like the taste of milk you will love this! I’m a huge milk lover {drink a glass almost every night at dinner}. Someone on Instagram had a great suggestion of adding cinnamon and I think that would be a great idea for a horchata inspired coffee drink! And someone else said they like to add Bailey’s Irish Cream to the coffee cubes. Wouldn’t that be delicious? I’m sure we could think of some other yummy variations too!
Have any of you tried an inside-out coffee? What did you think?

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