off to cambria

July 5, 2014


This morning Matthew and I are off to Cambria, California. It’s a relatively new summer tradition to make a trip up the Central Coast to the charming little beach town of Cambria. The first time we went was maybe 4 or 5 years ago when Matthew and I were dating. He drove down from San Francisco and my family and I drove up from LA. Since then we’re gone for a few days each summer. It’s not the beach town you would expect. The temperatures are very cool and it doesn’t get much higher than 70. Even though it’s not necessarily a vacation to lay out at the beach and tan, althouh it’s right on the water, it is a vacation to relax and unwind. Lately I’ve been desperately needing some space to clear my mind. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed sometimes and I totally rely on these little getaways. They’re good for the soul! Matthew and I get back on Monday afternoon, so not too long of a trip, but I’m going to enjoy every moment! Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you all had the best 4th of July!

I’ve written about our trips to Cambria here and here!

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