styling a maxi skirt from summer to fall

August 18, 2014


summer to fall transitional outfit via M Loves M @marmar {click through for more photos and product information}
Maxi skirts are a summer staple for me. It’s an easy piece to throw on and paid with a short-sleeved tee or a silky tank. They keep you cool during the day and cozy during those summer nights. Now that fall is fast approaching I’ve been thinking about how to transition a maxi skirt into being autumn-appropriate. I found this oatmeal knit sweater and thought it would really compliment the neutral skirt. The combination of similar hues and different textures was so appealing to me. I love this skirt from Chicwish with its neutral, go-with-anything color and the feminine pleating. It’s so pretty and fun to twirl in {if you could only see the outtakes haha!} I finished the look with a brown felt hat and a leopard clutch. You know I needed to added a print in somewhere!
pleated maxi skirt with sweater and felt hat, M Loves M @marmar {click through for more photos and product info}
pleated maxi skirt with brown sandals via M Loves M @marmar
early fall outfit via M Loves M @marmar (click through for more photos and product information)
leopard clutch via M Loves M @marmar
pleated maxi skirt from Chicwish with t-strap yosi samra "rae" sandals, M Loves M @marmar
brown, felt, wide-brim hat with fall knit sweater via M Loves M @marmar
fall outfit: floppy hat, sweater and maxi skirt, M Loves M @marmar
sweater Nordstrom, skirt c/o Chicwish, shoes Yosi Samra {also here}, hat Old Navy {similar brown hat}, clutch Heather Belle {similar}, necklaces {shortest to longest} Gorjana, Gorjana and JewelMint {old}, bracelet Ily Couture, ring Forever21 {old but here’s a similar flower ring}

more cute maxis:

I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent the majority of it tired beyond belief. I woke up both days at 6:30, which I know I know, it’s not that early! But I didn’t go to bed until 1am both nights and I hate to admit it but.. I’m not a morning person. I like to think that out of necessity I’ve become a night owl but if I wasn’t juggling work + blog I’d be up early every day. I’m honestly not so sure about that. It’s not like I enjoy sleeping in. 9:30am is usually my max. Any later and I feel like a lazykins! But I can try soo hard to get my butt out of bed and it just doesn’t work. Matthew just thinks of making coffee and he jumps right out of bed but for me I need some motivation like hey I’m going to be late to work, or don’t you have that conference call to be on? It’s kind of the worst. If any of you have any tips or tricks to becoming a morning person or getting out of bed right when the alarm clock goes off please let me know! I will be eternally grateful! And Matthew too! My snoozing behavior drives him up.the.wall. Hey! Maybe that’s how he gets out of bed…

Happy Monday everyone!


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