10 benefits to trail running

January 9, 2015


10 beneffits to trail running M Loves M @marmar

Running on a treadmill is a great workout, but it can get a little boring. I take advantage of living close to a great mountain range for hiking and also trail runs. Trail running is one of the best workouts because it challenges your body so much more than just running on a treadmill, or even a concrete pavement. Last year I was able to trail run quite a bit, in the hills close to our house and also on vacation in Big Sur, Cambria, Hume Lake, and even on our frequent trips down to San Diego to see Matthew’s family. It’s important to wear comfortable clothing while trail running, and nothing too loose or baggy. I wore this Old Navy half-zip pullover {I have it in gray too!} and some compression leggings in this fun cloud-like print. I put together a post of the 10 benefits to trail running below, in case you’re looking for a fun, new workout for the new year!
10 beneffits to trail running M Loves M @marmar
10 beneffits to trail running M Loves M @marmar
10 beneffits to trail running M Loves M @marmar
10 beneffits to trail running M Loves M @marmar
10 beneffits to trail running M Loves M @marmar
10 beneffits to trail running M Loves M @marmar
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1. Keeps you mentally engaged.  You can’t zone out when you’re trail running, but you can get in the zone. You’re able to get into a different mental space that’s more focused and aware. This can be so energizing and fun.
2. You strengthen your core by keeping it engaged with lateral movements {dodging branches and avoiding rocky patches}
3. You can do it with a friend and challenge each other. I love trail running by myself but it’s also a lot of fun to do it with Matthew. He’s always pushing me to go a little farther and a little faster.
4. You work different muscles with every step.
5. Balance. Since trail running means you’re running on a more natural terrain, and not a perfectly-flat road, you have to balance your body as you run over obstacles.
6. Running on a trail surface gives your joints some relief from the hard pavement. Trails take away that stress you’d find on harder surfaces.
7. You get to spend time in nature. It’s so nice to have a break from the urban city and be outdoors around trees and wildlife.
8. Fresh air is good for you and your lungs. In LA we have a little bit of pollution so to be able to step away from the city and run in an unpolluted area is very beneficial.
9. Gorgeous views! Trail running in scenic areas can allow you to get great views of different parts of the city {I love spotting the Hollywood sign on a clear day, or spotting Catalina Island}
10. It’s quieter and calmer. You can listen to yourself breath and you don’t have to worry about cars, red lights, and a lot of other people.

Trail running has been such a great mental and physical release for me so I’d definitely recommend it. Have you tried it?
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