hawaii photo diary- part 2

January 22, 2015


maui hawaii photo diary M Loves M @marmar
You guys, it’s been 11 days since Maui! Not so long but let me tell you the island feels like a distant memory. Matthew and I were just talking about how much we missed it, saying, “we gotta go back!” {LOST reference anyone?} Sigh no matter how long you visit for, it never seems like enough time. Maybe that’s why whenever we’re in Hawaii we talk about moving there. Matthew would go in a heartbeat if he could get a job. He’s such an island boy, as you’ll see in the photo of him trying to knock a coconut out of a tree with a rock. I do love Hawaii, Maui in particular, and while I fantasize about living there I also wonder how my feelings toward the island would change. Would it become just home and no longer paradise? Would I miss the seasons? Would I get jaded by sunshine year round  and a deeper skin color? It sounds nice but I guess for now Hawaii will just have to be our favorite spot to vacation! I’m totally fine with that as long as we can take these trips a little more often.
visiting the seven pools in maui M Loves M @marmar
visiting The Seven Pools
st joseph church maui hawaii M Loves M @marmar
found St. Joseph’s, a 150 year old church, on our drive around the island!
cattle crossing maui hawaii M Loves M @marmar
Our road got blocked by a heard of cattle! We got out of our car to talk to one of the handlers and took some snaps of these cute animals. Matthew had never been so close to cows before so he especially loved it!
stopping at maui winery M Loves M @marmar
wearing my Shoshanna coverup on our way to Hana
coconut glen's ice cream maui hawaii M Loves M @marmar
We stopped at Coconut Glen’s for their coconut milk ice cream! I loved the Coffee Toffee Ice Cream the best!
coffee toffee ice cream at Coconut Glen's Maui Hawaii M Loves M @marmar
coffee toffee coconut milk ice cream Coconut Glen's Maui Hawaii M Loves M @marmar
Isn’t it cute that they serve them in coconut shells?
Maui Hawaii M Loves M @marmar
makawao history museum maui hawaii M Loves M @marmar
maui farm M Loves M @marmar
fresh young coconut M Loves M @marmar
fresh young coconut with a bamboo straw at a cool hippie farm!
Maui Farm Maui Hawaii M Loves M @marmarfresh veggies, juices, coconuts, even popcorn from this cute co-op farm
M Loves M Maui trip @marmar
throwing rocks at coconut trees M Loves M @marmar
My island boy trying to provide a coconut for the family!
waterfalls on way to hana M Loves M @marmar
There were so many gorgeous waterfalls on the way to Hana!
Hope you enjoyed these photos from our trip! It was so fun and Matthew and I can’t wait to go back. We’re thinking about exploring another island next time, although we do love Maui. If you have another favorite let me know. I hear Kauai is absolutely gorgeous and even more tropical!

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