20 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

February 5, 2015


20 Valentine's Day Date Idea M Loves M @marmar
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and since Matthew and I won’t be in town together to celebrate we are going to be having some pre and post VDay fun! I was thinking of cute things we could do together and I thought I’d put together this post of my 20 favorite date ideas that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day:

1. Recreate your first Valentine’s Day together! Matthew made me dinner on our first holiday, including a cheese course, caprese salad, and a pan-seared fish. It was so special! Then we went out for dessert at one of our favorite San Francisco restaurants. I did get sick that night, possibly from the fish, so a do-over could be fun!
2. TV marathon with one of your favorite old shows. Preferably in onesie pjs! I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls {sorry I know I’ve told you a million times}, but it would be nice to watch a show that Matthew and I both used to love, like LOST. I know Matthew would appreciate a break from the Lorelai’s.
3. Ice Skating. Get hot chocolate afterwards or go to a diner for shakes! Matthew and I are craving a winter wonderland right now and ice skating might do the trick!
4. Cooking competition at home. Choose a random ingredient and try to make an appetizer, main dish and dessert using it. It will be fun and if it fails, there’s always pizza!
5. Build an indoor fort with blankets and pillows and read books together.. or kiss!
6. Have a Fancy dinner..with take out! Dress up, get out the china, and order pad thai and egg rolls. Light some candlesticks and make something simple super romantic!
7. Go dancing! Take a dance class together and learn the salsa, the samba and the fox trot.
8. Listen to your favorite songs and make a “mixed CD” for your 2015 year! It will be fun to listen to on road trips.
9. Watch the sunset together after an evening hike. Or wake up super early, layer up in sweaters and scarves and watch the sunrise. Sunsets are beautiful but sunrises are really special as well.
10. Brush up on your creative writing skills and write poetry. You can make it romantic or super silly! And talking in British accents is crucial. I love when Matthew pretends to be my British boyfriend!
11. Spread out a blanket and have an indoor picnic with yummy cheeses, a fresh baguette, wine and chocolates. Chocolates are a must!
12. Play poker and bet with IOUs. I’ll raise you taking out the trash for a month or giving you a back massage once a week for 20 minutes.
13. Have a dessert buffet! Get a cake, cupcakes, cookies and truffles. Or have an ice cream bar with tons of toppings!
14. Do something for them. Matthew is really into hockey so I think it would be fun to surprise him with tickets to see the Kings play, or maybe see them practice since it’s close to our house! And if Matthew wants to surprise me by taking me to see a musical like Wicked, I totally won’t mind!
15. Have a dance party at home! Matthew would kill me if I mentioned who we danced to the last time, but let’s just say it was one of my guilty pleasure girl bands!
16. Enjoy a wine and cheese tasting. Each of you buy 3 bottles {for sipping only!} and some different cheeses. Write tasting notes and try to tell what varietal each one is, as well as the price point. This has been on our list of things to do for so long! It probably will happen this weekend.
17. Each of you start with $10 and go to the $1 store and buy a bunch of random gifts for the other person. It will be fun seeing what you can find and it will make a great memory.
18. Explore your city as a tourist. Pick some places you both have never been and have a fun adventure day.
19. Take a cooking class together! Matthew and I have been talking about learning how to make sushi. It’s our favorite food and it would be so fun to learn how to make our own shrimp tempura rolls with avocado and cucumber. Am I right?
20. Take a bunch of Instax photos to document your night and then put them into a book so you can remember your Valentine’s date for years to come!

Tell me about one of your favorite Valentine’s Day dates! Or one of your worst! I won’t judge!
photo by Valorie Darling

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