romantic braided updo hair tutorial

February 12, 2015


easy romantic braided upto hair tutorial for valentine's day M Loves M @marmar
In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought I’d put together a tutorial for an easy romantic undo, with help from my friend and makeup artist, Jill Pugh. Usually when I’m putting together a going out look I throw my hair into a bun because it’s easy but when I have more time I tend to always go for a simple curled style. This look combines both and takes hardly any time at all. It’s great for a soft, feminine look for special date night. See the steps below to do it yourself!
easy romantic braided upto hair tutorial for valentine's day M Loves M @marmar


STEP 1 Curl the hair using a 1/2 inch curling iron, alternating the direction of the curl and the size of the sections being curled. It’s supposed to looked almost messy

STEP 2 Lightly pull on the hair while it’s still warm to loosen the curl so it’s not so tight

STEP 3 Divide the hair into three sections: two at the front and one large section in the back. Put the large section into a braid

STEP 4 Pull on the sides of it to widen it

STEP 5 Tuck the braid under itself and secure it with bobby pins

STEP 6 Take the front sections of hair and lightly tease it to add body

STEP 7 Twist it around to the back and pin it underneath the braid

Photography Valorie Darling // Hair & Styling Jill Pugh
top in pink and black
earrings Gorjana

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