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April 30, 2015


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It seems like I have been traveling a bunch lately, and, while I love it, it can definitely wreck havoc with my healthy eating and living routine. When I’m at home, I have a schedule that includes cooking most of my meals, fitting in a gym session before work, and never being without healthy snacks. 
Traveling can totally disrupt that, though, because you’re in a different environment with more distractions. You’re in a hotel, or at a friend’s house, and you find yourself eating out a lot more than you’d like. Your gym isn’t local to the area, and you can get lazy, especially if you’re on a vacation. This happens to me all the time, for both vacation and work travel. What’s especially frustrating, though, is that when you get back home, it takes even longer to jump back into your routine. Knowing that I was going to be gone for 10 days, I needed a plan! 
Here are some tips for how you can stay healthy while traveling:
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My in-flight essentials include the basics: book, journal, headphones, hand cream and snacks! Snacks are so important, no matter how long the flight is. I’ve recently become addicted to Nourish Snacks {you’ll see some of my other favorites below}. They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, free of GMOs, and..portion-controlled! The last part is important because they’re so good they get addictive, especially when you open the Honey Bee Good {honey roasted chickpeas}…yum! I brought these with me on my plane flight because I knew I wouldn’t have any good, veggie, food options. I also didn’t want to get off the plane being totally ravenous. 
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Knowing that my gym wasn’t in Texas, I was determined to get exercise anyway I could. That meant taking morning walks around the neighborhood! I actually grew to really love this morning activity because it ended up being a great way to sightsee. I also bought single classes at PureBarre. It was such an awesome workout class that I did some research and found a studio less than 15 minutes from my house! I love that the workout incorporates weights too. Drinking water throughout the class and bringing a healthy snack to munch on afterwards is so important. The Cashew Colada with chewy pineapple, sweet coconut and roasted cashews is really tasty! I also found some good juice bars and smoothie shops close-by so that was a nutritious and filling option too!
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If you can, go to the grocery store when you arrive to grab some healthy food options. I love getting fruit for quick breakfasts {bananas and apples are good go-to’s}, hard boiled eggs and string cheese for midday snacks and dried fruits and nuts when you’re needing a little extra energy. Yogurt and the Berry’d Treasure Nourish Snack {blueberry-apple granola bites} are a great way to start the mornings too! Also, I’m all about popcorn for dessert. It satisfies my need to much on something but it isn’t high in calories. Sometimes I’ll spruce it up with different spices for a savory element.
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You face your biggest challenge of healthy eating as soon as you step into a restaurant. I was tempted by so much amazing Tex-Mex, I can’t even tell you. While I left the Lone Star State with a love for queso, I did try to stick to salads and fajita entrees. Another idea is eating a couple different appetizers so you can try the food but the portions will be a little bit smaller. I also would suggest researching the restaurant’s menu becoming stepping inside so you have a game plan for your meal. It makes it easier because you won’t be as tempted by all the high-carb and high-calorie options. 
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The more I travel, the more tips I pick up. If you have any suggestions of what’s worked for you, leave them in the comments! I’d love to hear!
Also, if you’re interested in trying Nourish Snacks {I’d highly recommend it!}, they’re giving 10% off with code MLOVESM through the end of May. The bags are only $2 each so it’s a really good deal! My absolute favorite snack is MissPopular {half-popped corn kernals and dark chocolate chips}. So dang good and I might even say they’re life changing! 

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