Hydrating your Skin During Summer

June 17, 2015


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hydrating your skin during summer M Loves M @marmar
The other week I was having a conversation with my friend from Georgia. She moved to LA a few years ago and whenever she goes home her mother and grandmother always warn her that she’s going to get wrinkles the longer she lives out here. When you live in a dryer climate, your skin is more susceptible to wrinkles..that’s the {sad} truth. Humidity, although oftentimes sticky and gross, has the benefit in leaving your skin with a lot of moisture. When my friend was telling me this, it made me really think about how I need to be taking care of my skin in the best way possible, especially now that we’re entering the hot summer months. I need to make sure I’m drinking lots of water and moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing!
hydrating your skin during summer M Loves M @marmar
testing new skincare product biossance M Loves M @marmar
testing new skincare product Biossance M Loves M @marmar
hydrating your skin during summer M Loves M @marmar
I heard a lot about Biossance earlier this month from some of my favorite beauty bloggers and I was excited to check it out. It’s a plant-derived moisturizer that replenishes your skin by using elements that are naturally found in your body.  Pretty interesting right? The natural element is what immediately peaked my interest because there are so many products out there that use ingredients you’re not aware of! Natural products keep my breakout-prone skin under control, so I’m always looking for ones that are dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. {My skin is so needy haha!}

Biossance has a serum-like texture and you use it by applying 2-3 drops directly to your skin after cleansing, morning and night. It gives your skin more nourishment and leaves it feeling so much softer, in my opinion. My skin varies from normal to dry, so usually 3 drops does the trick, but I’ll sometimes add an extra drop to my moisturizer or sunscreen, to give an extra boost of hydration. The last time I got a facial someone recommended that trick to me, and it’s one I use pretty often now. When my skin is extra dry, like after traveling to Seattle last week, I’ll use 4 drops at night and 1 drop in my night cream. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily which is awesome. AND it doesn’t stain your sheets or clothing!

You can even apply Biossance directly to dry patches, like on your feet and elbows, or on your cuticles. I also heard you can also use a few drops in your hair to smooth flyaways and add some shine, so I’ll definitely be trying that out! I love when you can find a product that has multiple uses!
Have you heard of Biossance? Any tricks to keeping your skin and hair hydrated? I’d love to hear!


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Biossance but all thoughts and opinions, like always, are my own! Thank you so much for supporting the sponsors who keep M Loves M going!

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