getting ready for date night at home

August 13, 2015


getting ready for date night M Loves M @marmar
My friends know that I’m definitely a fan of staying in. While I love getting all dolled up, going out on the town, and trying new restaurants, there’s something so nice about staying home. I know some people think that’s boring, but I totally prefer it. Matthew and I are especially fans of the Friday night date night at home. We make dinner together and it’s really nice to just relax after a busy week. Then, we can maybe think about going out on Saturday night! Last weekend Matthew and I stayed in every night and it was so nice. I realized, though, that by staying in I’m missing my favorite part of going out..getting dressed up! Whether you’re staying in, or going out, here are some of my favorite elements of getting ready.
getting ready for date night M Loves M @marmar
After picking my outfit, I always pick jewelry to compliment it. Lately, I’ve been loving wearing one statement piece, instead of a bunch of different pieces. I guess it depends on what the outfit is like, but for this all black outfit I chose a beautiful ring from Barbela Design to accentuate the look. This piece is stunning and one I know I will have forever so I like to show it off just on it’s own. The design is very unique so it’s a perfect statement piece, don’t you think?
getting ready for date night M Loves M @marmar
Lipcolor is always an important part of my outfit and for date nights I tend to lean towards a bold red. It’s a romantic shade and I always loved that my mom would wear it on date nights with my Dad. I remember being little and sitting with her in the bathroom, watching her get ready. I was always so enamored with her ease of applying lipstick. She did it so effortlessly and always chose the perfect colors…she still does!
curling hair for date night M Loves M @marmar
fixing hair for date night M Loves M @marmar
Matthew prefers my hair wavy to straight, which is a good thing because so do I! For date nights, loose, romantic waves are the way to go.
getting ready for date night M Loves M @marmar
getting ready for date night M Loves M @marmar
When I wear a mostly all-black outfit I like to add a pop of color with my shoes. These red heels seemed to play up the red lipstick and the heel height is perfect!
getting ready for date night M Loves M @marmar
Whether we are staying in or going out, the date night prep also includes a cocktail! Sometimes with Ginger as my trusty helper! Matthew loves martinis, and usually you’ll find me with a mojito in hand, or a lemon cucucmber cocktail!
getting ready for date night M Loves M @marmar
ring c/o Barbela Designromper Greylin, shoes Sole Society, lipstick Dolce&Gabbana Scarlett


This ring from Barbela Design is such a perfect accessory, and I love that I can wear it any day of the week for a little glam factor. I loved learning that Barbela Design was created by a family owned jewelry company that found it’s origin in Belgium dating back to the 1930s. They truly have a passion and talent for what they do! Now, the company is based in the heart of New York City, one of my favorite places to visit! Michelle created Barbela Design because she felt like there was a need for stylish, yet not outrageously priced pieces of jewelry for the young professional woman. Isn’t that so true? She wanted to create jewelry pieces that could be staples in a woman’s jewelry box from day to night. The thing I love about this diamond zig zag ring is that it’s classic, yet modern, and it’s one of those items that could easily become your signature piece.
If you’re interested in getting anything from Barbela Design, or want to pass it along as a hint hint to your special someone, you can use code MLOVESM15 for 15% off! They also have some pieces for under $350 so there’s a good variety of prices but the quality is still there!
When you look towards jewelry, how do you like to make a statement? For awhile I was such a necklace girl, but now it’s all about the cuff bracelet and the rings!
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Barbela Design but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I so appreciate you supporting my sponsors who help keep this blog going! Thank you!
photos by Kimber Brown

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