DIY Leather Mouse Pad

September 3, 2015


DIY Leather Two-Toned Mouse Pad M Loves M @marmar

I’ve mentioned to you before about how I’ve been wanting to give my office a little makeover. I’ve been pinning some inspiration, and thinking about what pieces I want to get rid of {any pen/pencil with a company’s name on it, for instance. Why do I have so many of those?}, and things I want to purchase to spruce things up a bit. I put together a list of 10 Must Have Office Items, and one of the items I forgot on that list was a mouse pad. Sounds so basic but cute ones are kind of hard to find! I saw this two-toned leather one on Instagram the other week and thought hey, I could make that! It was surprisingly easy, too! Read on for the DIY.

Easy DIY for Leather Mouse Pad M Loves M @marmar

DIY Leather Mouse Pad

two pieces of leather in contrasting colors {Michaels had a bunch of options}
adhesive spray
exacto knife

Measure out the size of your mouse pad on the piece of corkboard. I decided to make mine 7 inches x 8 inches. If it’s easier for you to do 8×8 do that, though! Cut carefully with exacto knife.

Lay out strips and plan design of how you want it to look like. I decided to cut two pieces of leather diagonally so each color would be represented. Trace line on back of leather and cut carefully with an exacto knife.

Spray adhesive onto corkboard and lay leather piece over. Press firmly to adhere. Repreat with other side, being careful to cover the leather that’s already glued on. I covered mine with a piece of paper.

Once both sides are glued on, apply pressure for about an hour by placing a book on top.

This DIY was extremely easy. The only thing that required a little more thought was measuring and cutting the pieces of leather so they fit on the corkboard, but even that wasn’t bad. If you wanted to make this one step easier, you could always just use one piece of leather. Then all you have to do is cut both the corkboard and the leather and adhere together. You could even add fabric paint dots if you like!
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