My Favorite Waves in Under 10 Minutes

September 7, 2015


M Loves M's Favorite Waves in Under 10 Minutes @marmar
Last month I shared my favorite Monday-Friday Hairstyles with Sally Beauty, so this month I thought it would be good to focus on one of those styles. The one I wear all the time! You guessed it…my waves! I love curling my hair in natural-looking waves because it looks so soft and feminine. Growing up, my hair was stick straight, so I think I always wanted what I didn’t have. As I’ve gotten older, my hair has developed a slight wave but it still needs a little help.
Today, I’m going to show you how I style my favorite waves in under 10 minutes!
Spray your hair with a heat protectant spray. I love this one, Beyond the Zone Turn Up the Heat Protection Spray, from Sally Beauty. Comb through and allow to dry for a few minutes.
curling hair with a longer and wider barrel M Loves M @marmar
Section the lower third of your hair and clip the rest up.
curl hair over the barrel and away from face M Loves M @marmar
Use a 1.25 inch curling iron and wrap a piece of hair around the outside of the barrel away from your face. Hot Shot Tools makes the best curling irons, in my opinion, and they don’t break the bank. As my hair has gotten longer, though, I’ve needed a wide and longer barrel. They came out with this Extra Long Barrel Ceramic Curling Iron that is amazing! It has a few extra inches on it than a typical curling iron which makes a huge difference! Also, the rotating cool tip allows you to wrap your hair more quickly. I’ve significantly cut down the curling time for my hair which allows me to get out the door a lot faster. I need all the help I can get sometimes!
wrap hair away from face, around the barrel for natural looking waves M Loves M @marmar
Finish the bottom section and spray with a flexible hold hairspray, like this Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus LVOC.
trick for longer lasting waves M Loves M @marmar
Section off the top third of your hair and curl the middle portion, in vertical sections. Continue until your whole head is curled. One little secret I have for making my curls hold their shape is that as I’m letting a curl out, I will let it fall into the palm of my hand and allow it to cool before letting it down. This helps the curl cool as it’s intact, so it will last longer.
M Loves M classic soft waves hair tutorial @marmar
Finish off with a top coat serum (this Hair Chemist Coconut Oil Hair Serum is awesome!). If you like, spray again with the hairspray, and you’re good to go!
I’d love to know your favorite way to style your hair! Also, if you have any hair curling secrets share them in the comment section below.
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sally Beauty but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you so much for supporting my sponsors.

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