Finding Self-Confidence

March 28, 2016


Looking for outfit inspiration for summer music festivals? Try a fun striped dress with a pair of gladiator sandals!

Growing up I feel like confidence was a huge issue for me, as I know it is for most girls. I was always questioning and doubting myself, especially when it came to my body. My school required uniforms, which often seemed like a blessing and a curse. It was nice that we didn’t have the pressure to dress up each day, but I also loved clothes and saw them as a way to show my personality. Luckily, Friday night football games turned into our chance to express ourselves. My best friends would come over to my parents’ house and we’d get dressed up, put on some makeup, curl our hair, and be ourselves. While some of my outfits would be cringe-worthy now, I realized that dressing up gave me a type of confidence I was missing. Now, I completely agree that finding the perfect outfit can give you that extra boost in self-esteem. 

cute spring outfit inspiration: colorful striped dress with woven hat M Loves M the best kind of dresses are dresses with pockets! an easy way to make an outfit a little more edgy is with a pair of gladiator sandals a cute colorful dress to wear to spring parties striped dress with gladiator sandals M Loves M spring striped dress with woven sun hat

For me, dresses are my go-to when I’m wanting to feel most like myself. I’m also drawn to bright colors and prints since they always put a smile on my face. When I’m happy, I feel so much more prepared to take on the day! I chose this dress from bebe because of how fun the pattern is. I absolutely love stripes, and this color combo is feminine and unexpected. It’s such a great piece to wear for spring events, but I love how you can wear it casually with sandals. These strappy gladiator sandals are so comfortable, and I love how they give a little edge—and an extra confident twist—to the dress. I can see this being a great outfit for a music festival too!


dress. shoes. bracelets. hat.

I’d love to hear your stories of finding self-confidence too. I know it’s different for everyone, and it can still be a challenge no matter your age. Another trick to gaining some confidence, for me at least, is to go on a run. When you get those endorphins going it’s hard to not feel like you could conquer anything!


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