My Morning Routine

June 23, 2016


M Loves M - My Morning Routine

Lately I’ve been getting into the habit of waking up a little earlier and it helps so much to have a routine. I always enjoy reading about other people’s AM schedules, usually because I’m always trying to find out their morning person secrets!

This is how my morning routine has been most recently. We all know it’s going to look a lot different once the baby arrives, though!

7am Wake Up

I’ve been trying to wake up a little earlier so I set my alarm for 7am, but unfortunately it usually takes one snooze to get me out of bed. My second alarm is set for 7:10 so by 7:15am I’m usually up. The baby has been kicking up a storm in the mornings so that usually gets me awake faster too. Sometimes this happens before my alarm even goes off!

My Morning Routine - M Loves M

I usually check my phone first thing just to see what emails have come in overnight or in the early morning. The one hard thing about living in LA, and working with people in NYC, is that they have 3 extra hours on you!

washing your face in the morning

7:15am Brush my teeth and wash my face. Even though I know I’m going to be eating breakfast in 20 minutes I still have to brush my teeth first. It’s one of those habits! Afterwards, I wash my face. Lately I’ve been using the JASÖN Gentle Basics Collection. I’ve been using their products since college and totally recommend them. They’re free of harsh chemicals and skin irritants and it’s great when you’re feeling a little worried about what’s going on your skin. I wash my face with the Facial Cleanser and follow it up with the Day Lotion. Both products are hypoallergenic which I love!

Jason Gentle Basics Skincare Collectioneveryday morning routine morning skincare routine using the Jason Gentle Basics Day Lotion

Afterwards, I let Ginger outside and feed her, open the windows to get some fresh air, and usually light a candle.

feeding Ginger in the morning

7:30am Make breakfast and put on some water to boil for tea. Lately I’ve been making breakfast toasts and peanut butter with banana is always a favorite!

favorite morning breakfast hot tea and peanut butter toast

8am Put on makeup and get dressed for the day. Usually, if I’m working from home, I keep my makeup look very simple. I put on some tinted moisturizer, a few swipes of mascara, a little bronzer and a touch of blush. I try not to do a lot of makeup when I don’t have to.

easy morning makeup routine M Loves M M Loves M My Morning Routine

8:30am Sit down to check emails with my tea. I’ve had to cut down on caffeine lately so I’ve been drinking herbal teas in the morning with some lemon. It’s nice to have something hot and soothing while you’re working. When I first get to work I usually respond to some of those emails that came in overnight, but I also take the time to look at the To Do list I made for myself the day before. I try to focus on the top priority items and not get too distracted with the emails that come in.

working from coffee table working from home checking emails in the morning

And that’s how I start my day! I feel like staying consistent helps my mornings go by a little bit easier. It’s a good way to start off on the right foot, without feeling stressed or unprepared. I find when I sleep in too late, and I’m not able to do the above, I end up feeling anxious and all over the place.


What is your morning routine like? And, most importantly, do you have any morning person secrets to share with me?


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