3 Summer Mocktails that Won’t Make You Miss the Alcohol

July 12, 2016


3 summer mocktails you have to try!

Being pregnant during the summertime is hard when all you want is a crisp glass of rosé! I’ve been falling back on mocktails but I have been a little unimpressed with the options. Most bartenders just give me a lemonade or a ginger soda. I reached out to my friends at The Whaling Club because I knew they could help a girl out! Funny story: Matthew was actually in the process of making me a Scupper Punch from our 3 Winter Cocktails post when I found out I was pregnant! I absolutely love what Dan came up with and I’ve already been making these for myself at home! Here are 3 Summer Mocktails that won’t make you miss the alcohol:

from Dan Scott:

Not all cocktails adapt well into mocktails once you remove the alcohol. Take the margarita for example; without tequila and orange liqueur, it’s just a glass of lime juice. However other drinks, especially those that create complex flavors using fruit juices, citrus, house made syrups and herbs, can be exceptional even without the booze. For us, a mocktail should be just as show stopping as anything you might find on a cocktail list. So, we’ve adapted these three recipes for when want to join the party but not get a buzz.

3 Summer Mocktails

the eastside swizzle mocktail recipe- so delicious!

Eastside Swizzle
2 oz lime juice
1 1/2 oz simple syrup
3 cucumber wheels
8 mint leaves
3 dashes fee brother’s old fashioned bitters (garnish)

Combine ingredients in a pilsner glass. Muddle, add crushed ice, and swizzle. Garnish with bitters, cucumber wheels, and a mint bouquet.
* note: fee brother’s bitters do not contain a potable alcohol content but may contain trace amount of alcohol

learn how to make this delicious and colorful mocktail

the most refreshing summer mocktail recipe with watermelon juice and lime

Watermelon Cooler

2 oz watermelon juice
1 oz pomegranate grenadine
1 oz lime juice

Combine ingredients in a collins glass. Add crushed ice and swizzle. Garnish with a wedge of watermelon and an umbrella.

a recipe for the most delicious watermelon cooler mocktail- you'll want to try this one!

get the recipe for this painkiller mocktail! It's so good you won't even miss the alcohol


2 oz pineapple juice
1 oz coconut cream
3/4 oz orange juice

Combine ingredients in a stemmed glass. Add crushed ice and swizzle. Garnish with grated nutmeg, a cherry, orange wedge, and pineapple leaves.

a recipe for the painkiller mocktail

Whether you’re pregnant, not a drinker, or just want to lighten things up a bit, I hope you love these 3 summer mocktails! My favorite is the Watermelon Cooler which I’ve already made twice… in the past week might I add! It’s almost like the summer version of the Scupper Punch– tangy and a little sweet. I guess I have a type!


photography by Marie Buck