5 Steps for Styling a Sitting Room

July 21, 2016


tips for styling a living room with a gray couch and brass coffee table

One of the things that Matthew and I loved when we moved into our house was that we had this sweet little entryway/sitting room. We focused more of our attention at first in getting our main living room together, as well as other parts of the house, but we quickly realized we needed to do something about this space since it’s what people immediately see when they walk in. It was quite an eyesore for awhile! I wish I could have blindfolded people when they walked in to take them to other parts of the house first! I’m so glad that this space is finally done, though! I partnered with World Market to add a little more personality and warmth to the space. Here’s what the room looks like along with 5 Steps for Styling a Sitting Room:

I was so excited to find some pieces to give this space a little bit of warmth and personality. I’ve had some gift cards to World Market so it was the perfect opportunity to use them up and spruce up the space! I was most excited about this knit pouf because I’ve been looking for something really similar. The pouf adds a little bit of texture to the room, but it could be extra seating for a party!

brass table lamp with gray tufted couchstyling an entryway room happy hour at home with elderflower and rose lemonade

my happy hour these days consists of some kind of sparkling lemonade. Have you tried this Elderflower and Rose one? I had to get it!

gray couch with knit throw coffee table styling lavender knit throw on gray couch

this knit throw with the fringe detail is so cozy!

place a moroccan blanket on top of a piano bench

I haven’t had a chance to re-upholster our piano bench so I got this moroccan rug to cover it. Such a good World Market find! It works until I can re-upholster it and then I can use the rug in another spot!

styling a coffee table

These brass terrariums also double as hurricanes! If I didn’t have such a black thumb I’d attempt to add some plants.

glass curio box on piano

I love glass curio boxes to display little treasures.

styling a side table with a brass urchin and candle tips for styling a living room

5 Steps for Styling a Sitting Room

  1. Make the room cozy! Add knit throws so you can curl up with a book or a hot cup of tea!
  2. Set the mood! Candles are a must for any room. Make sure you pick a scent that isn’t too overwhelming for guests when they walk in.
  3. Add versatile pieces! A pouf can function as a place to rest your book, or a small tray with drinks, or it can even serve as additional seating in a pinch!
  4. Bring in soft lighting. While candles are great for setting the mood, they don’t do the best job of lighting the pages in your book. Add a side table lamp that you can use in the evening when you don’t want the harsh overhead lighting.
  5. Incorporate interesting details. I love these faceted glass boxes that can store my collection of matchboxes, or seashells from our beach trip last summer.



candle . table lamp . pouf . throw . glass curio boxes . terrariums {good for plants or candles!} . vase . moroccan rug .