Get Ready for Fall with These 4 Must-Have Beauty Products

August 25, 2016


Get Ready for Fall with These 4 Must-Have Beauty Products

The start of new seasons always makes me so excited. Fall in particular is one of my favorites because we’re finishing up a warm season and things are starting to cool down. I used to love shopping for back to school supplies but now my grown-up version is shopping for new beauty products. The transition from summer to fall always seems like a good time to test out some new products and get my skin back in shape after a hot and sun-drenched summer! I got some products from Nu Skin that I’ve been testing out and I’m excited to share with you all. Get ready for Fall with these 4 Must-Have Beauty Products:


My skin feels so dead by the end of summer. I think it’s a combination of wearing sunscreen every day and spending so much time outside. Polishing peels have always been what I reach for when I’m looking to get my skin back in shape. I started using this polishing peel that contains Bentonite clay that helps remove dull skin cells and toxins, as well as pumpkin enzymes that help resurface and polish my skin. So far my skin has felt way softer and so much smoother. This is definitely one of those must-have products!

polishing peels are great to use to remove dead skin cells skin products to try this fall preparing skin for a new season


Just as my face needs to be polished and primped, so does my body! I’ve loved using this Liquid Body Lufra that’s an allover body exfoliate. My skin can get a little sensitive but this product is super gentle. There are finely ground walnut shells that help get rid of dead skin cells and buff out rough spots. I’ve been using it about once or twice a week and my skin feels so smooth! If you use self-tanning lotions, you’ll definitely appreciate using this beforehand. There’s nothing worse than streaky tan marks!

a great liquid body wash


I don’t know about you, but I LIVE in my flip flops and sandals during the summer. While this is great for showing off a pedicure, the bottoms of my feet take such a beating. It’s kind of gross actually! I got the Epoch Sole Solution Foot Treatment in the mail and it has a life-saver! It has rushed allspice berries in it that were traditionally used by the indigenous people of Central America to relive persistent dry, cracked skin on feet. So basically you know it’s good! This product has become a part of my nightly at home rituals. I do this and then paint my nails {although lately I’ve been asking Matthew to paint my nails because this preggo can hardly reach!}

spend a night in with a foot treatment and at-home pedicure


How can I talk about getting your skin back in shape without mentioning a moisturizer? Not possible! Moisturizing is an absolute must for me. This Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer leaves my skin feeling so soft and I guess it’s the first allover moisturizer to contain narcissus tazetta bulb extract, which has been scientifically shown to maximize the skin’s natural defense mechanisms against environmental conditions. Living in a city, you know I need this!

nuskin intense body moisturizer trying new fall skincare products

Hoping I can still make time for myself and these beauty nights post baby! I know I’ll need it even more than usual since those long, sleepless nights are going to catch up to me! Do any of you feel extra motivated at the end of summer to give you skin some extra attention? I’d love to know what products you’re working into your routine!


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