New Mom Hair

August 31, 2016


new mom hairThe other week I went in for a much-needed hair appointment at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills! I haven’t gotten a cut since last December {actually the day I found out I was pregnant!}, and I got it highlighted in early spring. I knew once the baby came I wouldn’t have any time to sit in a salon chair for a few hours, so I’m glad I was able to fit this in before! I decided to do a post on my cut and color since some of you were curious! There are also details on what you can tell your stylist if you’re interested in doing something similar!

First, let’s start with the before photo. As you can see the color was starting to look brassy, the ends were looking damaged and overall it just needed an update.


And now for the After Photos. So light and fresh. What a difference, right?!


I went back to Kari Hill at Meche for my color, who is also the L’Oreal Paris Consulting Colorist. I absolutely love her! She’s the sweetest person and always does such a great job. She also has quite the A-list roster of celebrities so I feel super lucky to sit in her chair!

Kari gave me a full highlight and then painted on a heavy root/root-shadow to give my highlights a fresh modern, dark to light look. This helped so that the highlights didn’t have a deliberate hard line and it’s not too ombré. Since my hair is darker she really wanted to avoid that stripey, noodle-type highlight. Kari took advantage of my already pre-lightened ends and freshened them up without over processing them. She also subtly lightened up my hairline and baby hairs to give my face a sunkissed glow. That’s Kari’s signature touch! Finally, Kari gave me an overall golden gloss so to not clash with my skin tone and natural warm brunette base. The finished look is low commitment/maintenance, which I love. This is one of her most requested style and colors she’s asked for because it has a young and effortless look.

Meche Salon

For my cut I went to Guy Riggio. He really got into my hair, freshening up the ends and giving me long layers. I haven’t had layers like these in awhile so it’s taken a little bit of getting used to but it’s easier to just throw some texturizing product in it and go. Also, my curls stay in a little longer because the hair isn’t as heavy! I desperately needed to freshen up the ends, as you can see in the before photos!

beverly hills hair

Both Kari and Guy convinced me not to go shorter with my hair. Apparently it’s really common after having a baby to want to do something drastic. I really love my long hair but this was a nice change! It still has length but feels a lot more fresh! I think this is the perfect new mom hair cut! What do you think?