Send Some Love

September 29, 2016


writing letters in feminine office

As soon as I knew how to pick up a pen, my mom emphasized the importance of writing Thank You letters. Shortly after every birthday and holiday, my brother and I were given a stack of blank paper, pens, crayons, and a list of addresses. We’d thank family members for the gifts they sent, draw a cute picture, and my mom would send them out. Fast forward a few years and I was writing letters to girls I had met at camp over the summer. We found a way to stay connected despite the physical distance. Nowadays we have social media and our phones to keep us connected. Convenient? Yes. Personal? Unfortunately, not as much. That’s why I think the best way to send some love is through good old fashioned snail mail. Plus, who doesn’t love receiving something in the mail? From a girl who has had countless pen pals over the years, there’s still so much excitement when I open the mailbox and find something addressed to me that isn’t a bill or random flyer.

the importance of writing letters in our digital age feminine card collaboration between lela rose and papyrus

Writing and receiving letters creates a genuine personal connection. Sure, emails are easy, but there’s nothing more personal than writing a handwritten note- it takes much more effort and care, but it just seems 100 times more thoughtful. I get so much satisfaction from sitting down to write a special letter to a friend on her engagement, a cousin on his graduation, or a letter to my mom just because!  For me, it gives a personal touch and I think the effort goes a long way! Also, how much fun is it to pick out cards? There’s a Papyrus right next to my nail salon so after I get my nails done I love walking in and looking at all the pretty card options. And if I’m sending something to my brother, I’m definitely picking out a funny option!

the prettiest stationary collection feminine office inspiration - M Loves M @marmar writing letters in office

I was really excited when I found out that Papyrus, one of my favorite stationary brands, launched a collaboration with top fashion designer Lela Rose. This is one of the very first designer partnerships in the greeting card industry, which I’m surprised about because it makes so much sense! Lela Rose is one of my favorite designers and seeing her show at New York Fashion Week last year was a huge highlight. Each card in Lela Rose’s collection for Papyrus is bright, sophisticated, and feminine, just her clothing designs. I especially love all the cards with fashion illustrations. Don’t you wish you could draw like that? It’s so impressive! Bonus points for a card that can also be framed as a piece of art! I know these are cards my girlfriends wouldn’t want to throw away!

why it's important to still write letters the prettiest card collaboration: lela rose for papyrus! it's so good!

Whether it’s to say thank you, congratulations, or just a simple “hi,” sending a handwritten card is a special way to stay connected to those you care about.  I always try to buy stamps at the grocery store and keep them on my desk with a stack of cards. It makes it even easier to write a quick note and send it out. You can shop the entire Lela Rose stationary collection at Papyrus right here!


Disclosure: Thank you Papyrus for partnering with me on this post! All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.