Galaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial

October 26, 2016


Galaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial - M Loves M

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, and it’s not just because of the candy! I absolutely love an opportunity to dress up. When I was younger, all my Halloween costumes included a wig, fake nails, and lots of makeup. Since I couldn’t wear makeup day-to-day, Halloween was the chance to go all out. And go all out I did! Today I’m partnering with Q-tips to share a makeup tutorial that you can create at home that’s colorful, fun and not too scary. I call her Galaxy Girl! Read on for this Galaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial:

Galaxy Girl Makeup TutorialGalaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial- perfect for halloween


1) Start with a clean face. Apply a high sheen light shade primer to the full face. Then apply your foundation; something that is full coverage is best so that you get a blank canvas at the start. Next, use a reflective brightening mineral powder to set the face.

start with clean face- Galaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial

2) Match your brow color to whatever hair spray color you use. It makes the finished look feel more real. Kim from Nicol Artistry helped me create this look and she used a combo from the eyeshadows to create the brow color. Use Q-tips Precision Tips to help you get a great, straight line. They’re a really good alternative to a makeup brush and super easy to travel with.

fill in eyebrows with color - Galaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial

3) For the eyes, use a combination of blue, green and purple eyeshadows. You want to apply the most color below the eyes and also across the cheekbones.

halloween makeup tutorial using q-tips

4) Blend with tons of powder from the highlighter. You really want to load lots of color on.

5) Create the glitter effect of the galaxy across the nose with body sparkles.

apply glitter with q-tip

7) To make this tutorial really shine, add some stars! The stars are really easy to apply if you put the lash glue on a Q-tips cotton swab. Dot it onto your face and then apply the stars. Make sure not to move your face too much so that the stars have a chance to set.

apply lash glue with q-tips apply lash glue dots to face for the stars- Galaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial add stars to face for Galaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial

8) Add lipstick! Q-tips cotton swabs make applying the color really easy.

add lipstick with a q-tip

9) Spray a few different colored hairsprays into the roots of your hair to get an ombre-colored effect. We used a combination of blue and turquoise. Use Q-tips Beauty Rounds to dab the color on in more places and blend it a bit.

using colored hairspray for a halloween makeup tutorial

10) For an extra element, we added prosthetic ears. Use a Q-tips cotton swab to apply body glue to the ears. The trick is to apply on very dry clean skin and then cover the edges with hair so you can’t see the prosthetic connection. You don’t want people to know your secret!

add fake ear to complete galaxy girl halloween costume a fun and creative halloween makeup tutorial

I absolutely loved this look! I seriously didn’t want to wash my face afterwards.  I almost kept it on to go to the grocery store but could you imagine the looks I’d get? People would think, “Wow, this girl is really obsessed with Halloween!” When you do take the look off, though, I’d really recommend using Q-tips Beauty Rounds. They are nice and quilted and don’t shed! They’re one of my must-have products!

q-tips hack for halloween makeup tutorialGalaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial Galaxy Girl Makeup Tutorial that's perfect for halloween

Are you ready for Halloween? Tell me what you’re dressing up as! We’re going to be staying home because our neighborhood goes all out, but we’ll definitely be putting on costumes to pass candy out to the kids. I’m excited for Augustine’s first Halloween, although, of course he won’t even understand what’s going on. Nevertheless, he’s going to be dressed up and ready!


Special thanks to Q-tips for partnering with me and sending me Q-tips Beauty Rounds, Q-tips Precision Tips and Q-tips cotton swabs. They totally helped create the look! All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.

photos by Kimber Brown

makeup by Kim at Nicol Artistry