City vs Country

November 10, 2016


blue printed shirtdress with ankle booties - fall outfit inspiration that's country girl inspired

This outfit feels a little country girl inspired with the floppy hat and suede ankle booties and I’m totally loving it! I know some people hate country music, but I absolutely love it. The music is feel good, catchy, and while I don’t identify with the parts about whiskey and bars, I love how a lot of these songs have stories and heartfelt messages. I’ve always felt like a city girl with a country girl’s heart. The idea of living on a big farm, with horses, goats, and chickens, sounds so ideal. I love the idea of having nature all around me, neighbors who know my name, and small town traditions.

styling a printed shirtdress and hat for fall

Growing up we spent a lot of time visiting my grandma in Northern California and she lived on a pear farm. Her backyard was full of acres of pear trees and her front yard? Well it was across from a river. I absolutely loved traveling to see her. My brother and I would play hide and seek in the orchards and, as cliche as it sounds, there was usually a freshly baked pie on the table when we got back. Maybe that’s why I like the idea of country living so much. It seems like such an escape from the hustle and bustle of a city. You have a chance to run wild and connect with nature.

kate spade byrdie bag with personalized ooh la la stickers fall outfit with ankle booties and a hat

I used to think I could live in New York City but as I’ve gotten older I realize it probably wouldn’t be the best fit for me. I think I would love it for a season {preferably one that’s not too hot or too cold}, but then I’d be ready to go home. New York City has a glamorous appeal to it, with high skyscrapers, a flurry of yellow taxis, and thousands of people around you at any given moment. But after a week I feel like I need to escape. So, maybe I could live there as long as I had a weekend house in the country. It would be the best of both worlds! While I love eating at new restaurants, seeing plays, and going to museums, I also want that balance of peaceful  country living. I need to live in a place where I can also connect to nature, whether it’s the water, the sky, or the trees.

blue long sleeve printed dress styled for fall seychelles taupe caravan ankle booties

I feel lucky living in our little beach town to have the water so close by, but this time of year I really crave the trees. The pretty ones with the leaves that change colors. I’m always so envious of my friends who live on the East Coast that get to experience seasons. One of our family goals is to move to the country, so maybe one of these days it will happen! Until then, I’ll be over here wearing floral dresses, floppy hatsankle booties, and singing my favorite country songs!

neutral floppy hat with blue shirtdress


dress . booties {on sale for under $100!} . bag {you can customize it with letters and a tassel!} . similar hat . braceletlipstick in Inspiration

I hope you all have been having a great week! My godmother is in town visiting today and I’m so excited for her to meet Augustine. She’s one of my favorite people- the sweetest, most loving, and generous woman! She and my Dad met in their college English class and have been friends ever since. It’s amazing thinking about how Augustine will also have a close relationship with my best friends. They already love him so so much!


photos by Valorie Darling

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