Making Room for Baby

November 17, 2016


making room for baby with the new collection for fisher price from jonathan adler

One of the things Matthew warned me about before getting pregnant, besides how much I’d miss sushi, was that our house would turn into baby central. He was like, “Get ready for the white chairs to have dirty shoes on them, and for our living room to be full of toys.” I knew he was right but I thought I’d deal with that later. Well, later is here, although I don’t have to worry about the dirty shoes just yet- thank goodness! I have been on the hunt to find baby toys that are still stylish and fit into our design style, though. Just because we have a baby doesn’t mean our tastes have to change, right? I was really excited when I heard that one of my favorite interior designers Jonathan Adler was coming out with a collection for Fisher Price. I was like, wait a sec, if this guy can make baby products look chic I’m totally in! Here’s how I’m decorating with pieces from his collection:

rock 'n play sleeper fisher price rock 'n play

Making room for baby has actually been a lot of fun! I get really excited about baby books and stuffed animals so I don’t mind those items. I was worried about a cute rock ‘n play though. Some of them just look too baby-ish, in my opinion. The Jonathan Adler Deluxe Rock ‘n Play Sleeper is so stylish though with the black and white print and the wooden legs. Augustine loves being in this thing! I especially love the hands-free rocking aspect. Sometimes he’s tired but will cry when I put him down, so I’ll put him in the rock ‘n play. The movement is so soothing and there are also different sounds he can listen to. I have friends that sleep their babies in this every night because of acid reflux. Another great aspect of this rock ‘n play sleeper is that it’s so portable. You just fold it up and go! Matthew and I will bring this over to my parents’ house so that Augustine has a safe, comfy place to hang out in.

jonathan adler play mat jonathan adler sensory gym play mat

The Jonathan Adler Sensory Gym is one of our most used products! We’ve used it every single day since we got it. During Augustine’s play time he’ll hang out and look up at the colorful mobile, and we’ll also do tummy time here. He’s starting to grab at the different animals and it’s so cute! We named the giraffe Jerry, and the mouse Misty, and Matthew and I will do some pretty funny voices for them.

fisher price jonathan adler mobile a cute and colorful nursery mobile

We just added this Projection Mobile to the side of the crib. I love that you can play music, as well as white noise, for 30 minutes. Perfect to get Augustine into his sleep cycle! The little animals with the black and white bellies are so cute too! Babies are really drawn to contrasts so the black and white design is also helpful for their development.

black and white stylish high chair

One thing I can’t wait to use is the Deluxe High Chair. This fits into our dining room so well! The black and white compliments our striped rug, and the wood detail matches the table. I especially love that the high chair is a 2-in-1 product so you can have it as a full sized high chair, or you can remove the top and attach it to a dining chair. This will be so great to travel with if we ever eat out at restaurants again. One day! I know some of the features like the removable and washable tray will also come in handy! Here’s a video where you can see it in action!

augustine and mara

Sometimes I feel more excited about getting things for Augustine than for myself! I feel like it’s such an exciting time for him because every day he’s learning and processing so much. I can’t wait to teach him things and watch him grow. There really is something so magical about childhood.


Disclosure: Thanks to Jonathan Adler and Fisher Price for hooking us up with these products! All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks so much for supporting my sponsors!

photos by Kimber Brown

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