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November 7, 2016


Newborn Essentials - M Loves M @marmar

We’re a few months into this whole parenthood thing which is so hard to believe. When parents say it goes by fast I agree with them in some ways, but I also think, “Geez these days and nights are loooong!” There are still plenty of things we’re unsure of {how to calm a fussy baby, dealing with acid reflux, and of course the big one..sleep training!}, but we do have some products we’ve loved using these past few months. I thought I’d spend today sharing our newborn essentials. Hopefully they’ll help some of you out as you’re figuring out what to get your little one in the early days!

Newborn Essentials

Car Seat and Stroller– We got the Nuna Car Seat based off some recommendations and we really like it. It’s stylish and expensive looking but, most importantly, it’s one of the safest car seats out there. Augustine always looks really comfortable in it and the infant insert is easy to clean. And I have to say I absolutely love the Nuna Mixx Stroller. We just need to add an adapter for the car seat, but it’s really easy. My favorite thing about this stroller, besides the fact that it looks so sophisticated, is that it’s incredibly easy to open and close. You just do one move and the stroller collapses perfectly. I wish it was a tad lighter for my back problems but that would be an issue with any car seat and stroller. This stroller was the lightest of all the ones we tested out. I feel like a car salesman saying this but it’s also a smooth ride! And you have to get this car seat cover {here’s a gender-neutral option}! It’s so nice because it snaps at the top and prevents people from peeking in and touching your baby when you don’t want them too.

Bassinet– Augustine slept in our room up until our 2 month pediatrician appointment when our doctor said it was time to move him into the crib. I was constantly finding him sideways in the bassinet and, since he’s so long {98th percentile!}, he was constantly hitting the sides. When he was in our room, though, the Halo Bassinest was his little home. When I pulled my back out, I was so grateful for the option to raise the bassinest up higher, and also the lock/unlock feature that allowed me to get him in and out more easily. It’s been a little more challenging with the crib, so I’m really missing the bassinest. Also, loved the caddy attachment where we could keep diapers, burp cloths, or beanies.

Swaddles– Oh how could we live without swaddles! Augustine doesn’t like to be swaddled traditionally at night time- he always found a way to break free despite our best efforts- but we use them to wrap him in during the day and also as a blanket with his car seat. I love the Aden + Anais swaddles. The muslin is so nice and they come in really cute prints! Another favorite is from Little Unicorn {the Forest Friends print is so darling!}. At nighttime we put him in the Love to Dream Swaddle and it’s great because it allows him to have his hands up near his face to self-soothe. We tried so many different ones and this worked the best for us. Once we started putting him in this swaddle he started sleeping a lot better! Not sleeping perfectly but definitely better!

White Noise Machine– We put the white noise machine on every time Augustine goes down to nap or sleep. We’re hoping that it helps him understand when it’s time to sleep.

HumidifierThis cool mist humidifier has been really helpful so far during the nights where Augustine is a little more congested. It’s quiet too!

Diaper Pail– I love that my friend Kimber got us this diaper pail even though it wasn’t on our registry. She knew that it was the best one, though. So grateful to have mom friends who can give us honest advice about their favorite products. We love this diaper pail and it doesn’t stink up the whole room, which was our main concern!

Pacifier– We don’t use the pacifier that often but sometimes we’ll give it to Augustine when we know he isn’t hungry but is just wanting to soothe. I got this one from NaturSutten that he really likes. We use this pacifier clip with it too.

Nasal AspiratorThis NoseFrida nasal aspirator sounds weird but it works at getting the boogers out!

Ear Thermometer– If this ear thermometer is good enough for our pediatrician, it’s good enough for us!

Bathtub– We got this bathtub when I hurt my back and couldn’t bend down and get in the tub with Augustine. This bathtub fits right into the sink so it’s incredibly easy to use. I also love that it’s foldable and can be stored more easily than some others.

Baby Monitor– Now that Augustine is sleeping in the crib we are really relying on our baby monitor. We got this Motorola one and it’s great because it’s wireless, has two-way communication, and also room temperature display. The room temperature function is so beneficial for us since our house heats and cools very unevenly.

Baby Swing– We heard so many things about the 4moms mamaRoo so when we got it at our shower I was excited to check it out. Augustine didn’t like it at first, but now he loves it! He sits in there sometimes without the motion on and will just look around. We like the settings for motion though {car ride and tree swing are two faves}, plus there are sound options as well. We haven’t plugged in our phone yet but that’s a bluetooth and mp3 setting that’s pretty cool too! Another swing we love is the BabyBjorn Bouncer. It doesn’t require batteries or need to be plugged in. Instead it uses natural bouncing which is great for helping develop your baby’s motor skills. This one is great to travel with since it’s so light!

Clothing– The kimono onesies were our favorite when he was teeny tiny. Babies seem so fragile and putting outfits over their heads can be a little intimidating. The kimono style was so much easier to get on and take off. We love this one from Tane Organics and this one from Aden + Anais. If you don’t get a kimono-style, I’d highly recommend the side snap onesies. They give you a little more room for working the arms in. Also, Matthew wants me to mention how important outfits with feet are. Socks always seem to fall off easily, so these pants keep his toesies nice and warm.

Baby Wraps– There are some afternoons when Augustine just won’t go down for a nap. I know he’s tired because he’ll yawn constantly, but every time I put him down he’ll cry and wake up. {This happens at night too!} When this happens, and I know he needs to get a nap in, I’ll wear him in a baby wrap. I love this lightweight Solly Wrap {similar to the Moby} that I got at my baby shower. It’s really easy to use and very comfortable. We also love the BabyBjorn which is perfect when we’re out and about. It provides great head support and Matthew loves wearing it too!


Hopefully I’m not forgetting anything! Mamas, what were some of your Newborn Essentials?


photo by Monica Wang

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