Our Favorite Kind of Date Night

December 16, 2016


my favorite kind of date night at home

Matthew and I used to be all about the Saturday night date night. Even before we were married it was a big deal. We’d make reservations a week prior, I’d get dressed up, he’d pick me up at 7 and we’d drive into the city. It was always something to look forward to after a crazy week at school and work. Since we’ve had Augustine, though, getting out of the house is a little tough, especially around bedtime. Nevertheless, our date nights continue, but at home! And I have to say I think this might be our favorite kind of date night yet!

Usually our dinners are in comfy clothes, but the other week I felt like dressing up. I don’t have many excuses to put on a nice dress these days, so I was like why not?! A pretty dress and some dramatic lipstick is good for the girl’s soul!

date night at homepear slices with blue cheese scarpetta pasta sauce recipedrinking milk

Our favorite kind of date night always includes pasta. Carbs are just happiness, am I right? Matthew makes this incredible spaghetti with the Scarpetta sauce recipe and it is so so good! I seriously dream about it! It takes awhile to make but it’s so worth it! To balance it out with some greens, we made my favorite fall salad that has persimmons, pears and pecans in it. It’s so fresh and delicious! It’s also my go-to for parties.

my favorite kind of date night- fall winter saladmilk has been an essential for extra protein while breastfeeding fairlife milk with dinnerdinner date night at home

Since I’m breastfeeding, I’m not drinking alcohol. Instead, I’m going back to an old favorite: milk! Growing up, even through high school and college, I would drink a glass of milk at dinner every night. In recent years I’ve turned to a glass of red wine at dinnertime, but I forgot how good a glass of cold milk is. There’s really nothing better! I’ve been drinking tons of fairlife these days since I add it to my smoothies, but it’s just as delicious on its own. Being a pescaterian, I worry about getting enough protein, especially now that I’m feeding the baby. Since fairlife uses a special filtration process, it contains more protein than found in other brands. I love that!

milk and cookies family photomilk and cookies cookies and milk- Mara, Matthew & Augustine

Matthew isn’t a big milk at dinner fan, but when chocolate chip cookies are involved he’s all in! Lately we’ve been making the New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies, drinking our milk, and cuddling with the little guy on the couch until bedtime. It’s something we look forward to every day!

What’s your favorite kind of date night? Do you like to stay in? Go out? Watch movies? Do you have a go-to? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is one Matthew and I both love. Or The Notebook if you fast forward through all the sad scenes!


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photos by Jordan Zobrist

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