My Favorite Cheeses

January 27, 2017

favorite cheeses for your next party

One of my biggest guilty pleasures, besides chocolate chip cookies, is cheese! And since I gave up sugar for the month of January, cheese has been king over here. Making cheese boards is one of my favorite things to do in the late afternoon. It’s the best pre-dinner snack, although you have to be careful not to eat too much that you’re full for dinner! Making a cheese board is super easy, though, and you can get creative with it. Usually I’m just adding bits of leftover cheese from the fridge and whatever fruit and nuts we have lying around.  I thought I’d share my favorite cheeses with you guys since I always love asking friends and family members about the ones they love the most. Also, please share your favorites with me below! We’re heading to the grocery store tonight so I’m going to pick up some new ones!

try these cheeses for your next party a delicious cheese board

My Favorite Cheeses

Point Reyes Blue Cheese– Even if you “don’t like blue cheese,” give this one a try! It is the absolute best and we always have a wedge in the fridge. Great in salads, omelettes, or alone with slices of pear!

Cowgirl Creamery Mt Tam– so creamy and delicious! It’s a little pricier but I’m telling you it’s so worth it!

Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog– soft-ripened goat cheese. Delicious with marcona almonds or in a beet salad.

St Andre Triple Cream– buttery and so delicious! And perfect if I’m not willing to splurge on Mt Tam

La Tur– soft-ripened cheese with sheep, goat, and cow’s milk. Another creamy and slightly acidic one. We had this for Christmas and it was gone very quickly! Perfect for a party!

any type of aged gouda and salty manchego!

try these delicious cheeses my go-to cheeses Mara's Favorite Cheeses

Favorite cheese board additions: fresh fruit {apples, persimmons, or pears}, toasted nuts {pecans, marcona, or walnuts}, and some sweet element like honey or dark chocolate.

What’s your go-to cheese for a party or for eating at home?


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