The 6 Must-Have Products for the First 6 Months

March 20, 2017


The 6 Must-Have Products for the First 6 Months

Since we just passed Augustine’s half birthday, I thought it would be interesting to share our 6 Must-Have Products for the First 6 Months. If you’re a mama, or a mama to be, hopefully this post will help you out! These were products that we found incredibly helpful to us on many different occasions and I’m so grateful we had them.

The 6 Must-Have Products for the First 6 Months

Puj tub– Once we got home from the hospital, we realized our shower situation wasn’t the most conducive for baby baths. We had the 4Moms Tub but it was really hard to use in our shower/tub– my back killed me to bend down with it and I felt really nervous that Augustine wasn’t being supported enough. We ended up getting the Puj tub and loved how we could fit it right into the sink. The fact that we could stand over him made bathtime so much easier and it gave us a lot more confidence. Bonus points that it isn’t bulky so we could easily store it when not in use.

NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator This is one of the weirdest products but everyone told me I had to get it while I was pregnant. Sure enough, Augustine’s first cold comes around and this thing is a lifesaver! When he couldn’t breathe through his nose, this nasal aspirator got everything out. I’d highly recommend it!

BabyBjorn bouncer– We tried a few bouncers but this one from BabyBjorn has been our absolute favorite. If you follow along on InstaStories you know how much Augustine loves kicking around in this thing. This bouncer chair can be folded flat and stored under the sofa, and it’s incredibly easy to travel with. It’s light enough that I can move it all around the house, too, which is so helpful when I need to be in different rooms. We also got this toy bar for it that I would definitely recommend!

FridaBaby NailFrida Nail Clippers– Cutting babies nails is one of the most stressful things ever! They have these tiny little fingers and you don’t want to accidentally cut off their skin. My friend recommended these nail clippers because there’s a clear window where you can see exactly what you’re cutting. It gives me a lot more confidence when I’m cutting his nails.

Solly Baby Wrap– One of my favorite things is baby wearing! I love wrapping up my little guy all snug in a fabric carrier. It’s incredibly convenient when you need both hands for something, but I also would rely on it when Augustine was fighting his naps. I knew that by putting him in the wrap, he’d fall asleep in about 5 minutes. Babies love being close to mama and hearing the heart beat because it’s very similar to their womb life.

Love to Dream Swaddle– We tried so many different swaddles with Augustine and he hated them all. He would cry and struggle to get out of them and it was such a challenge. We noticed that he was napping with his hands up by his face so I found this Love to Dream Swaddle that allowed him to have his hands up instead of being strapped down. It was a game changer for us because Augustine finally didn’t fight the swaddle. He was wrapped up cozy to tame that startle reflex but his hands were accessible to help him self-soothe.

Have any of you moms used these products? Which ones would make your top 6 list?


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