Wellness Challenge No. 6

April 9, 2017


Wellness Challenge No. 6: Spend time outside each day

Happy Sunday everyone! After a productive and busy weekend, I feel excited to conquer the week ahead. Now that spring is finally here I want to challenge myself to get outside, for even just 10 minutes a day. I love that it’s lighter in the evenings, which is perfect for late afternoon walks. It can be so easy to just stay inside all day, or go from car to store, back to car, to home, without spending much time enjoying being outdoors. Being outside is so good for the soul though, and I always feel good mentally after soaking up a little Vitamin D. Hopefully the weather has warmed up a bit where you are so you can join in! Although I have to say, I even love when it’s a little chilly out and you can bundle up for some fresh air. It’s so refreshing! So for our Wellness Challenge No. 6: get outside each day! Soak up some of that springtime sunshine!

Did any of you spend time being creative last week? I started the week with art in mind, and while I did have a coloring night, I actually spent time being creative in the kitchen. I’m sure you all know that I love to cook and bake, but it hasn’t been as easy to do since Augustine arrived. This week though I was inspired to try new recipes. I’ve been wanting to bake bread for years and I finally did it. I couldn’t believe how easy it was and with only 4 ingredients! I made the Jim Lahey No Knead Bread recipe and would highly recommend it if you’re interested. I also made a cashew milk creamer for coffee that was delicious! I’m planning on sharing the recipe for that soon after I test it out one more time. I love that my creativity challenge reminded me how passionate I am about cooking. In another life, I think I would love to be a chef, but for now, I can happily be a home cook!

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy some time outdoors for this Wellness Challenge No. 6!


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