Wellness Challenge No. 7

April 23, 2017


Try this wellness challenge: menu and meal prep at the beginning of the week

Happy Sunday everyone! This next wellness challenge is one that I’ve done off and on in the past and have really enjoyed. I hope you join in with me, as I try to make this one a more routine habit!

For the next wellness challenge no 7, I’m going to work on making weekly meal plans. This is something that I hope to do before the start of the week, on Sundays. Meal planning and preparation is a task that takes some time up front but saves time in the long run. I feel like it also has multiple advantages. For one, I’ll always know what to prepare for dinner and have the ingredients on hand. I’ll save time by prepping certain dishes beforehand, and ultimately I’ll make healthier food decisions {I hope!}. In that past, when I forget to meal plan, I end up having the most random makeshift dinners or pulling something out of the freezer which isn’t the healthiest {Trader Joes taquitos, I still love you!}. Also, I can save money by buying ingredients that I can use across multiple meals. How’s that for efficiency?!

reading cookbooks cookbook shelf save time and money by meal prepping

Part of the encouragement for this challenge is because I’m also doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series. There are daily workouts, as well as a healthy nutrition plan to follow. I think the Bikini Series will be a good encouragement for me to meal plan on Sundays so I can be ready to go for the week ahead. My best friends are doing the challenge with me, so I’m hoping one of these Sundays we can do our prep together!

Do any of you meal plan? I’d love to hear some of your ideas or tips! I’m definitely looking forward to this because I know it will make my life a whole lot easier!


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photos by Jordan Zobrist