Talking about My Perfect Day

May 16, 2017


blue shirtdress outfit - perfect for spring!

Over the weekend Matthew asked me what my perfect day would look like. I think he was trying to be sweet and see what I’d like to do for Mother’s Day, but it sparked a conversation about how we’d spend our ideal day if we could do whatever we wanted. No rules, no obligations, just the agenda that we wished for. We both said we’d want to sleep in, which isn’t too surprising since Augustine isn’t sleeping through the night yet!  Here’s what my perfect day would look like, though:

blue striped dress with blue tassel earrings- blue and white outfit inspiration for spring

8 am Yes I said I wanted to sleep in, but then I changed my mind and decided I wanted to wake up early but feel completely and totally refreshed! I’d leisurely get ready for the day and pick out an outfit like the one in this post: something feminine, comfortable and casual. P.S. This striped blue and white dress has such a great cut and I love the button-up detail and easy swing dress style. There’s also a crazy affordable dupe!

9 am Matthew, Augustine and I would head down to the beach, picking up a coffee at Peet’s on the way. My order is always the same: hot almond milk latte, with a little honey and a little cinnamon. Even when it’s hot outside, I still crave a warm drink. Anyone else? We’d get to the beach, walk on The Strand {our Manhattan Beach boardwalk}, and find a park bench to watch the surf. Even though Matthew is the surfer in the family {Augustine will join him eventually!}, I still love to be by the water and watch the waves. It’s so calming and always an enjoyable way to start the day.

blue and white outfit inspiration for spring love this pretty kate spade swing shirtdress

11 am After the beach, we’d head to our local farmer’s market and I’d pick out some fruits and veggies for dinner. I love going to the farmer’s market so much and it’s a fun weekend activity with the family. We’d get some coconut water on our way our and dance to the steel drums with Augustine. He’s already such a musical little boy and has the best rhythm.

1 pm We’d go to our favorite easy lunch spot, Mendocino Farms, on the way back. Let’s pretend the produce from the farmer’s market would keep. We’d probably keep it in a big cooler in the car. We’d get sandwiches and eat them out on the lawn on top of a blanket. Augustine would laugh at the doggies running by, and we’d all get the perfect amount of sunshine. No sunburns allowed! P.S. Augustine’s laugh needs to be heavily scattered all throughout my perfect day. There is no greater sound!

3 pm In the afternoon I’d either get a manicure, facial, massage, or all three! Something indulgent would be so nice, though!


blue striped kate spade shirtdress on M Loves M - Los Angeles fashion blogger @marmar a must-have spring bag - M Loves M @marmar

4 pm At home we’d open the windows, play some country music, and start prepping some things for dinner. I love to cook so this is one of my favorite ways to spend the afternoon! I’d probably already have a recipe picked out, or I’d be looking through food magazines and cookbooks for ideas. Of course, any ingredient would already be in the fridge or pantry. Our house would also be spotless with not even one thing out of place. {That’s the dream, you guys!}

6 pm We’d make a cheese plate, have some bread with olive oil, and maybe some burrata on the side with roasted tomatoes. Matthew would make cocktails and I’d start cooking. We’d have dinner together, make some homemade chocolate chip cookies and eat them with milk while playing games in the living room.

10 pm We’d go to bed no later than 10 pm because getting sleep is another one of our favorite things!

blue striped swing dress on M Loves M feminine blue and white outfit on M Loves M @marmar

dress {under $25 dupe!} . sandals {also come in black and nude} . bag  {also here} . earringssimilar sunglasses . cuff bracelet . link bracelet .

How would you all spend your perfect day? Would you shop, go swimming, bbq? And more importantly, are you ever able to make your perfect day a reality? I feel like we should all aim for one perfect day a month {at least right?!}. I know too often we’re wrapped up in all our various responsibilities and life does get busy, but I think taking the time for ourselves is crucial to a positive quality of life. My birthday is coming up in less than a month so I’m thinking that might be a good opportunity to make my perfect day come true!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all have the best day!


photos by Jenna Bechtholt

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