3 Easy Summer Hairstyles + Video

August 30, 2017


3 easy summer hairstyles | M Loves M - @marmar

Hello everyone! I have a fun hair post and video for you today! If you’re like me, I’m sure you can appreciate an easy summer hairstyle. The weather during the summer is HOT so I’m always looking for a style that’s cute but easy. It has to be easy! Today I’m sharing my 3 easy summer hairstyles that I always fall back on. I’m also sharing a video so you can really see just how simple they are to recreate yourself!

So before we get to the hairstyles, we have to talk about hair prep! I like to style my hair the day or the day after I shampoo and condition. I’ve been using the live clean shampoo and conditioner since early this year and I’ve loved it! Their products are free from parabens, sulfates and harmful chemicals, they’re never tested on animals and they’re 100% vegetarian and vegan. Plus they’re affordable which I totally appreciate! I’ve been using the Coconut Milk Moisturizer Shampoo and Conditioner and love how soft and shiny they make my hair!

The perfect duo for natural and healthy looking hair | M Loves M - @marmar

3 Easy Summer Hairstyles

Hairstyle #1: Loose Waves

I know I know, so easy! It’s my go-to though so I had to include it! This style is super easy to do and I love that they don’t need to be perfect. It’s a great style to do on second hair to give it a little more life, too! In the video, I’m sharing some tricks on how I like to achieve the perfect loose wave!

How to curl your hair for summer Natural wavy hair inspiration for summer and fall | M Loves M - @marmar How to get the perfect beachy waves in time for summer | M Loves M - @marmar

Hairstyle #2: Half Up Top Knot

This half up top knot has been a super popular hairstyle this summer and I can totally see why. You get the benefit of having your hair down, but out of your face, and up in a cute bun. This is my go-to style when I’m running around, or going to the beach. I love how it looks like I tried hard, but really I didn’t!

Cute topknot summer hairstyle - @marmar

The perfect topknot for summer

Hairstyle #3: Braided Ponytail 

I’m all about a good braid, but my skills are a little limited. To make my braid look a little different, I like to do a braided pony where the braid doesn’t go all the way to the end of my hair. I also fatten it up by pulling at the braided sections. This is a great style to watch in the video. It’s super simple but I love that it looks a little different.

Keeping things easy and classy with this fun side braid This easy on the go braid will have you ready for summer in no time - @marmar

Do you have any hairstyles that you fall back on in the summertime? Please share with me below! My requirement is just that it’s easy and not too intimidating! I’m still working on my hair skills!


DISCLOSURE: Big thanks to live clean for partnering with me on this post! All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks for supporting my sponsors! 

photos by Julianna Marie