Getting in Shape Post Baby

August 7, 2017


Big thanks to Macys for partnering with me on this post! All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks for supporting my sponsors! 

augustine loves to play while I workout - M Loves M @marmar

During my pregnancy, I lived it up. I took full advantage of “eating for two,” and ate for 3 probably! I made sure I was eating healthy foods, but let’s be honest I have a big sweet tooth. An uncontrollable sweet tooth! I told myself that after the baby was here I would get back to the gym and get back in shape. But after Augustine arrived, so did the many {many!} sleepless nights. Matthew and I joked that we were in triage mode, just trying to survive. Oftentimes the one thing I looked forward to most after we finally got Augustine to sleep, was chocolate chip cookies and The Mindy Project. It was nice you guys! Something sweet to look forward to. I said, “ok once Augustine sleeps through the night, then I’ll get back into shape. Here we are and Augustine is almost one year old. And no, he is not sleeping through the night. Yet, everyday I feel this little itch that I need to be putting health first, and treating my body rightThere’s no time like the present, right? Here’s how I’m planning on getting in shape post-baby: 

getting in shape with my sweet boy - M Loves M @marmar Augustine is so fun to workout with - M Loves M @marmar I never get tired of that sweet face - M Loves M @marmar

It’s almost impossible for me to get out of the house by myself these days so I’ve realized that if I’m going to get in shape, Augustine has to be there with me. Gone are the days where I could just pick up and go to the gym without a second thought. My sister in law swears by her jogging stroller so I had a feeling this might be the best option for us! I was looking on Macys and they had such a good selection of strollers. I decided on the Baby JoggeBaby Summit X3 Jogging Stroller, because I’ve heard a ton of great things about the brand, and let me tell you guys, this thing is NICE!  

working on my fitness now that Augustine is almost one - M Loves M @marmar working out with my baby is always the best company - M Loves M @marmar how I'm getting in shape post-baby now up on M Loves M stretching it out with my sweet boy - M Loves M @marmar love this baby jogger from macy's - M Loves M @marmar this stroller is the best for walking and jogging

Matthew set the stroller up for me and he was raving about all the features, so I know it gets his stamp of approval too. The stroller is incredibly easy to open and close- you can do it one handed, which is HUGE! And having the option to jog, or walk, with this stroller is so great. I actually prefer it when I’m going out and running errands- just like my sister in law said I would! And in terms of fitness, I’ve been jogging around the block in the evenings and I think Augustine likes it as much as I do. I mean, if you were a kid wouldn’t that be so fun?! I’d have both hands up in the air! 

loving the back of this workout top loving this workout outfit for walks with Augustine - M Loves M @marmar

I know I need to give myself a little grace when it comes to working out. I feel like so many women, myself included, have this expectation that post baby you’re going to get your body back immediately. While some people do {and we can be a little jealous of them!}, I feel like more often than not it takes time and it takes work. I’m making a pledge to myself though, and Augustine, that I’m going to try to make health a priority. I always feel so much better about life when I get those endorphins flowing.  


If you’re interested in a stroller from Macys, I saw that the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is currently on sale for 15% off until August 11th!  It comes with the infant car seat too and removable adapters so you can go from taxi to car to a walk in the park super easily and comfortably. There are all-terrain forever-air wheels too so great for hiking or going over sand! Perfect for lots of fun adventures! 


photos by Jordan Zobrist